I Love You in Japanese Language

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Located in Asia, the Japanese culture is not a very extroverted culture, in that feeling of love is  more than often implied, rather than articulated directly (saying I love you in Japanese is uncommon). Traditionally, calling the person by the first name (without suffixes such as -san, – kun, -chan, etc) expresses a very high […]

I LOVE YOU in 310 Different Languages

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Love is a beautiful word with the most intense emotions. We understand that words can’t express your emotions to your loved ones. However, here’s the tip on how to say I Love you in different languages to impress your loved ones. Love is unconditional and divine. Just imagine, you are at a coffee shop, waiting […]

I love you in German language

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Let’s see how the Germans express differently the feeling of love or different ways of saying I love you in German language. Ich liebe dich is quite common among German language learners. Read also: German speaking countries in the world We will first learn the common ones, then see 10 ways of saying I love […]

English Language Origin

English Language Origin

Today in 2022, English is the most widely taught and understood language in the world. The English language origin is an interesting subject to explore as about 360 million people speak English as their first language, and many more million speak English as a second language. Early History (3,000-2,000 B.C) English language origin timeline Indo-Europeans […]

German Speaking Countries

German speaking countries

German is not only the language of Germany because we can see a lot of other German speaking countries as well where German stands as one among the top ten most commonly spoken languages in the world with over 105 million native German speakers. Around 80 million people, who don’t have Germany as their native […]

Birthday Wishes In English

Birthday Wishes In English

Birthdays are important occasions celebrated by family, friends, neighbors, etc. Sending birthday wishes in English than in the local language is more common now across the globe. In communication tools such as Whatsapp, LinkedIn, and Instagram, it is easier to send birthday wishes in English, as it is simpler to type in English. For some […]

Effects of Globalization on Language

Effects of Globalization on Language

The effects of globalization can be felt in languages too. Language being the main mode of communication of any human makes it very essential. It is a very complex type of system that uses signals, sounds, voice, gestures, symbols, grammar and many more. Some notable studies would say that language has many uses but the […]

Prefectures of Japan

Prefectures of Japan

Prefectures of Japan is something unique to the Island of Japan. Let’s begin with a simple question of what is a prefecture? The prefecture is Japan’s jurisdiction and there are 47 prefectures or jurisdictions.   In Japanese, the prefectures of Japan are commonly referred toas todōfuken. The prefectures are governmental bodies larger than cities, towns, and villages. The elected governor is the chief executive of each prefecture. Each prefecture is subdivided into […]

Word Fuck Meaning & Different Uses

Word fuck meaning

WTF is this article about? It is about the fucking word “fuck”. Take it or leave it; bad words are part of every language on earth. They can be referred to like curse words, and the major reason these words are so is simply cultural. For instance, the dictionary meaning of the word ”bitch” is […]

10 Important American Culture No-Nos

American Culture No-Nos

If you believe that most Americans are easygoing and can say whatever pleases them, you are damn wrong because that happens to be a myth far from the truth. The majority of Americans are traditional; they are not comfortable talking about some things, and travelers that throng the country do some things that make Americans […]