Our Teaching Philosophy

Learn what makes our teaching style different from other language Schools.

Teaching as a Team

We believe in “Teaching as a Team”. That means that our teachers share insight and knowledge about each student – how they’re progressing – and what ideas they have to help them excel.

Inside the classroom, we have a student centered teaching philosophy.

That means that our lessons should be:

  • Fun and Encouraging
  • Culturally Sensitive
  • Mutually Beneficial for the teacher and the student.

In order to accomplish this goal – we train our teachers with a 5-point teaching philosophy.

5 Teaching Rules

Lessons should be fun and engaging

  • Try your best to promote a welcoming and fun environment.
  • Be culturally relative and understanding of differences.
  • Have a flat heirarchy relationship with students. Learning is an exchange.
  • Don’t criticize or embarass students. Shame is not a good motivator.

Lead the class so that students can speak and practice

  • Encourage speaking in the class.
  • Provide corrective feedback by listening and modeling the correct speech.
  • Give Equal opportunities for practice in Group lessons by moderating speaking time.
  • Be a good listener.

Always find ways that you can improve your teaching

  • Consistently look for new ways and methods to teach.
  • Ask for feedback from students and colleagues.

Communicate in the Classroom

  • A lesson should always involve output practice.
  • Students should use the language with both the teacher and other students.

Teach lessons you would want to take

  • Be flexible and adaptive to a student’s needs.
  • Don’t teach Japanese that won’t be used outside the classroom.
  • Manage time well and don’t let it be wasted.