Word Fuck Meaning & Different Uses


WTF is this article about? It is about the fucking word “fuck”. Take it or leave it; bad words are part of every language on earth. They can be referred to like curse words, and the major reason these words are so is simply cultural.

For instance, the dictionary meaning of the word ”bitch” is the female dog. But culturally, when someone is called a ”bitch”; it is commonly regarded as offensive. So we will take a look at how the word “fuck” can be used in a tense to convey different meanings.

Before we delve into the details, I am not suggesting that you use this word in your interactions. The objective is to show you different uses of the word fuck and how to handle sentences effectively.

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‘Fucking’ on its own is an adjective that is like ‘very’. You can conveniently use it among your friends and it cannot be regarded as offensive. You can change the word to ‘freaking’ and convey the same meaning without any offense intended. [fuck meaning = very]

Here Are Some Examples:

  • The egg sandwich is fucking enticing!
  • She has been fucking crazy of late.
  • This movie was incredibly fucking scary; I cannot keep focus watching it!
  • It is high time we Fuck these fucking fuckers.

Fuck this / fuck —

‘Fuck this’ can be used for something that you detest, something that is not sweet to your ears; I mean something you hate doing. Fuck can be for activities that one does for his/her selfish needs. [fuck meaning = hate]


  • If you want to move to a very hot region; you can use the expression ‘fuck this’ to express your displeasure
  • The drug addicts fuck everyone for their needs.
  • Fuck this job interview. I will start on my own right away!

Fuck that

When you are doing something and you have been to give up the habit unsuccessfully, you can use the expression, ‘fuck that’.


  • My wifi has been giving me issues all day. Fuck that
  • Fuck that; It is freezing out here. I have to get inside.

Give a fuck

‘A fuck’ here means something that you are interested in doing. But when you say you do not give a fuck, it is a rude way of saying you do not care. [fuck meaning = not interested]


  • I hate politics; I do not give a fuck about it.
  • Do you give a fuck about what others think about you? You had better remain focused.

What the fuck? (who the fuck, why the fuck)

The above is used when you are either dismayed/confused.


  • People say: ‘What the fuck?!’ When they see something unpleasant
  • What the fuck is getting on here?
  • What is the fuck happening here? I need an explanation.
  • I realize you are moving with another guy the day before. Who the fuck does not mean?
  • Now tell me: Who the fuck would dare keep a tiger as a pet?
  • Why the fuck do you contemplate moving to Saskatchewan? Do you realize it’s terribly tundra right there?
  • Do you intend to drag me to Saskatchewan along with you? Why the fuck should I do that?

Fuck all

When you make the expression: Fuck all, it literally means nothing. [fuck meaning = express desperation]


  • What I did today is complete fuck all. I desperately need a fucking job.
  • With my 8 years of hard work; all I got for it is a fuck all.

Fuck off

This either means ‘waste time’ or ‘go away’ about the situation you find yourself.


  • Are you still here at this gathering? I have already told you to fuck off. Now, get the fuck off out right now!
  • A: Are you interested in taking English classes?
  • B: Will you Fuck off out of my sight?
  • We were in Taiwan to fuck off for some days.
  • Will you stop fucking off and get on with the job?


We say you are ‘Fucked’ when you are in a bad situation or trouble. [fuck meaning = under trouble]


  • I’m fucked up cause I cannot pay my credit card this month.
  • Whatsoever actions you take for or against, you will be completely fucked.

Fuck it

When your instinct is telling you to stop but you went all the way to do it by throwing caution to the wind; then you have fucked it!


  • A: Are at all serious about going out to the cinema?
  • B: Sure fucking serious? Yes, let us be on our way.
  • A: Yeah, am already decided?
  • B: Fuck it, say we proceed.

A fuck-up

When someone fails in a worthy cause, he is referred to as a ‘fuck-up’.


  • I have always had the feeling that I was a total fuck-up; when reality dawned on me, I realized I was indeed a real prodigy.
  • Do not accept being a fuck-up. Push on fucking for the target!
Fuck off corona

Fucked up

There are two approaches to this; it is either a big mistake’ or ‘an unthinkable and bizarre occurrence’.


  • By using my dad’s credit card to buy alcohol, I fucked up. He has discovered that and is fucked up!
  • You have completely fucked up today. Never allow another re-occurrence.
  • I have fucked up this drawing. I should start all over again.
  • I still remember the scene that greeted my sight while driving home in my car exactly a month ago. It was a man holding a stick with an attached string holding a live giant turtle. That was the most fucked up sight that I had ever seen in my entire life.

Fuck yeah / Fuck no

The two are used to express a strong feeling of either a yes or no. You say it when you want to express total passion for or against a situation.


  • A. Man, let us visit the zoo.
  • B. Oh, Fuck yeah! Shall we be going?
  • A. Are you interested in tigers?
  • B. Damn Fuck yes. I like the Tigers as everybody does. Do you hate tigers?
  • A. Hell Fuck no! Tigers are scary animals that make me afraid. The animal is fucking huge.
  • B. Are you then a fucking wimp?
  • A. Hell, fuck you!
  • B. You can go fuck yourself.
  • A. Why the fuck this heated argument? Let us go to the zoo.
  • B. Ok! Fuck yeah!

Holy fuck

When you are in total fear or amazed, you can use the exclamation ‘Holy fuck’. Take a look at this article from TheGuardian.com with reference to the term “Holy sh!t.


  • Do not do this to me again; you scared the daylight out of me! Holy fuck!
  • That tiger just ate a whole chicken in one bit-or didn’t you see it? Holy fuck!


This is a one-word exclamation when something very good, crazy or bad happens.


  • I have lost my application! Oh, Fuck!
  • It is unbelievable that they are serving free mojitos until 7 pm. Fuck!

You have gotten the weapons on how best to manage the use of the word fuck with its full implications. However, when you use it in any form, the responsibility for the risks involved in using this word is entirely your own.

Word fuck in different parts of speech

  • Noun – For fuck’s sake, that fucker is a stupid fuck.
  • Verb – Fuck you, you really fucked it up while fucking doing nothing.
  • Adverb – I’m fucking done with this fucking stupid task.
  • Adjective – He’s a fucking idiot, he’s the most fucked up person I’ve met
  • Preposition – Fuck if I knew.
  • Interjection – Am I fucking awesome? Fuck!
  • Infix (other) – Abso-fucking-lutely!
  • Interrogative (other) – How the fuck would I know who the fuck did it?.
  • Intensifier (other) – A fuck load of good that does.


  • Fuck off meaning?

    This either means ‘waste time’ or ‘go away’ about the situation you find yourself.

  • Fuck you meaning?

    The two are used to express a strong feeling of either a yes or no. You say it when you want to express total passion for or against a situation.

  • What the fuck meaning?

    The above is used when you are either dismayed/confused.

  • Meaning of fuck in Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali etc.,

    They can be referred to like curse words and the major reason why these words are so is simply cultural.

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Word fuck meaning
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