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Located in Asia, the Japanese culture is not a very extroverted culture, in that feeling of love is  more than often implied, rather than articulated directly (saying I love you in Japanese is uncommon). Traditionally, calling the person by the first name (without suffixes such as -san, – kun, -chan, etc) expresses a very high level of intimacy, which usually happens privately in a closed space.

For instance, the married women call their husbands “anata” (in private) or unmarried people calling their lover “daa-rin” (darling).

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Times are changing, new generations may be relatively more inclined to use such words of endearment, but it’s still a long way from western styles. In Japan, the expression “anata no koto ga suki desu”  is usually used, however if you want to say more strongly, you can choose one from below expressions.

Here are different Ways to Say I Love You in Japanese Language:

Note: In Japan, these verbal expressions are kind of uncommon, as Japanese do NOT tend to say “I love you” as often as in American or European culture.

I love you (11 ways of I love you in Japanese language)

  • 愛してる / aishiteru
  • 愛羅武勇 / airabuyuu, airabuyu
  • 君が好きだ / Kimi ga suki da
  • 大好きだよ ! / Daisuki da yo!
  • 追伸愛してます / Tsuishin aishitemasu
  • あなたを愛してる / Anata o aishiteru
  • あなたが好きです / Anata ga suki desu
  • だって好きなんだもの / Datte sukina n da mono
  • 私はあなたを愛している / Watashi wa anata o aishiteiru
  • 私は、貴方が好きです / Watashi wa, anata ga suki desu
  • 君のことが好きなんだ / Kimi no koto ga sukina n da

I’ll love you forever(3 ways)

  • いつまでも愛してるよ / Itsu made mo aishiteru yo
  • 私は、あなたを永遠に愛します / Watashi wa, anata o eien ni aishimasu
  • 君を永遠に愛します / Kimi o eien ni aishimasu

I couldn’t help but fall in love with you (2 ways)

  • 君を好きにならずにはいられなかった
  • Kimi o suki ni narazu ni wa irarenakatta
  • 私はあなたを好きにならずにはいられない
  • Watashi wa anata o suki ni narazu ni wa irarenai

14 different ways of I love you in Japanese language

  1. 永遠にあなたを愛します / Eien ni anata o aishimasu / I will love you always
  2. あなたへの愛はつのる / Anata e no ai wa tsunoru / I’m more in love with you
  3. あなたを心から愛しています / Anata o kokorokara aishiteimasu / love you with all my heart
  4. 死ぬまであなたを愛するでしょう / Shinu made anata o aisuru deshō / I’ll love you for the rest of my days
  5. だれよりも君をいちばん愛している / Dare yori mo kimi o ichiban aishiteiru / I love you more than anyone else
  6. あなたが好きなのです / Anata ga sukina no desu / I do love you
  7. 君が私を愛している以上に私は君を愛している / Kimi ga watashi o aishiteiru ijōni watashi wa kimi o aishiteiru / I love you more than you love me
  8. 俺が愛するのは永遠にお前だけ / Ore ga aisuru no wa eien ni omae dake / It’s you l’ll always love
  9. あなたを愛することでいっぱい / Anata o aisuru koto de ippai / I’m filled with love for you
  10. あなたを愛する為に私は生まれた / Anata o aisuru tameni watashi wa umareta / I was born to love you
  11. どこへ行こうとも情熱はうしなわない / Doko e ikou to mo jōnetsu wa ushinawanai / Even if you go away, i’ll still passionately love you
  12. 貴方を愛することに変わりはないから / Anata o aisuru koto ni kawari wa nai kara / I’ll always love you, no matter what happens
  13. 私はあなたのことを言葉にできないほど深く愛してる / Watashi wa anata no koto o kotoba ni dekinai hodo fukaku aishiteru / I love you more deeply than i can say

Note: This list of “I love you in Japanese language” is only for new language learners, cannot be used in the real life.

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