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Learn like a child and speak like a native.

Learn naturally & Speak Fluently.

German, Japanese, French, Korean & others languages

Level based courses, Test Prep, Question banks, Mock exams.

Learn What Matters

Ultimate goal of learning a language is communication

The language must be learned in a native environment.

Did you know we use just 800 words in our daily conversations?

At Zing Languages, we connect language learners with the native speakers, in addition to regular classes with local teachers. The language courses are based on the 800 most-used words in the spoken language, giving learners a solid foundational skills.

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Practical Courses - Learn & Apply

The course contents are based on language used in the real life situations.

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Pay for ONE, Learn from TWO

Local teacher for written language, and the foreign teacher for spoken language.

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AI based course content

Get instant feedback and master your pronunciation with AI speaking modules.

Real Global Exposure to

Develop an International Career

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 Zing LanguagesTraditional
MethodologyInter-actional methodology. It considers language as a communicative tool, whose main use is to build up and maintain social relations between people.It sees language as a linguistic system made up of subsystems from phonological morphological, lexical, etc., to sentences. Language is used as a means for doing things.
CurriculumBased on the language/words used in real-life situations.Mostly academic, focused on the written language, which is different from spoken language.
Group class size (online)Not more than 58 to 15. Less speaking time with tutors.
Time to fluency (oral communication)2 months (for daily conversations)Minimum 6 months.
Cultural knowledgeYes, can adapt oneself in inter-cultural environment.Theoretical knowledge from books.
GoalOral communication. Building conversations with foreigners, along with certifications.Certification.
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Higher Education Aboard

Improve your chances of getting 100% scholarship. Importantly, the language skills can get your jobs in the foreign countries after your studies.

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Translation & Interpretation

With globalisation, the demand for multi-linguistics has been growing steadily. Strengthen your resume, work from home at your convenient time.

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Expand Business Globally

Technology has made the world borderless. With language skills, you can launch products in new market, find new partners, win international projects.

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The language system is the mirror of a culture; The language we speak is different from what we learn in a textbook just as knowledge is different from application.

Only 30% of communication depends on the language and the rest of the 70% is all about how you speak it! This 70% is about body language – expression and tone.


Through the age of 7 or 8, children can learn to speak a second language with fluent grammar and without an accent. One needs to learn the language for a minimum of 3 months to see results. End of the day, age is just a number. Our time tested teaching methodologies have facilitated even adults and senior citizens to learn the language and speak fluently within a short time span.

You will be assigned two teachers (local & foreigner). The local teacher will be a dual-language consultant, where you can initially learn your desired language with the help of English or your mother-tongue. The foreign teacher will help you improve your skills in an authentic native environment, making your brain to start thinking in the language taught the same way as your mother-tongue.

YES! you can. The courses are based on practical language used in the day-to-day conversations. The course consists of detailed study materials and unlimited AI-based practise exercises. After the course, the students can take international language tests. In addition, all students will be awarded certificates by Zing Languages.

Don’t worry. You are not alone. If you use the logic of your mother tongue to learn a foreign language, it will be difficult to speak fluently. For instance, you need to learn German using German logic. After you make a habit of learning German in this environment, you will be able to speak German naturally.

Apart from teaching languages, our innovative online platform enables an unprecedented exchange of knowledge. For instance, fluent Japanese-speaking teachers connect with students online to provide them with a learning and cultural experience as they become global citizens.

Speak without fear and gain confidence.

See how our students speak in 2 to 3 months.

What Our Students Say
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