About Us

Founded in 2019, at Zing Languages, we revolutionize language learning with inter-actional teaching methodology and practical curriculum based on the spoken language.


Empower Indian students with communication skills required to compete and excel on the global stage. Create global citizens that can adapt to any culture.


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We follow inter-actional teaching methodology, rather the structural nor functional.

It considers language as a communicative tool, whose main use is to build up and maintain social relations between people.

Learners not only need to know the grammar and vocabulary of the language but as importantly they need to know the rules for using them in a whole range of communicative on texts. To learn a language means to use it, rather than just study what it is and how it is formed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each chapter begins with a parallel, bilingual text with pronunciation drills, grammar, and dialogues. Then, expressions and cultural facts are presented through the dialogues.
• English (2 levels)
• Japanese (2 levels)
• German (3 levels)
• French (3 levels)

We will be launching Indian language courses soon.