Nowadays learning a new language has become a trend among all – Not only do they understand acquiring a new language as per the wider exposure but also, they accept learning other languages for its enormous benefits like culture diaspora and career opportunities. If you want to learn a new European language and get a language certification, then you must attempt the CEFR exam, which is known as the common European framework of reference for languages. This blog will give you a better idea of what the exam is and its benefits.

Origin of The CEFR exam

This CEFR was initiated by the Council of Europe, and dated back to the 1990s with spark collaborations amongst language teachers throughout Europe.

Aim for designing this The CEFR exam by the Europe council

The council designed this CEFR exam with aim of providing better clarity for institutions and employers who want to learn this language by accessing their language proficiency level. This testing framework is commenced for assessment and teaching alike. It clearly says that CEFR is not linked to any specific language test.

Designing the CEFR exam by the European Council involves meticulous planning to align assessment criteria with language proficiency levels. Ensuring accuracy and fairness, the goal is to create a standardized evaluation reflecting the diverse linguistic capabilities of test-takers across Europe.

What is the CEFR exam?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is to measure language ability that can be recognized as being an international standard. The CEFR exam has 6 levels of exams- from A1 for the simple basic beginner to C2 for the very highest level of ability. This test appears worldwide to measure the language proficiency of an individual.

It is also called as CEFR English test. CEFR Exam is also used for other language tests all over Europe, not only for IELTS. It is also commenced for TOEFL as well. Cambridge Assessment English has designed this CEFR as part of the English Profile project.

CEFR exam or CEFR six levels include: –

  • Beginner – A1
  • Elementary – A2
  • Intermediate – B1
  • Upper-Intermediate – B2
  • Advanced – C1
  • Proficient – C2

This CEFR exam is framed to ensure standardized scales for accessing language fluency among the candidates or individuals.

Check some important objectives of the CEFR Exam:

  • Giving this exam will help the individual to enhance standardized assessment, teaching, and learning.
  • It helps to get various types of language certification
  • Development for language learners at an individual level.
  • Enhance the development of teaching material for those who are teaching various types of languages.

How long does to complete the CEFR test?

When one is giving this CEFR exam he/she has to be aside 50 minutes to complete the test to check out their CEFR level. Most of the common English assessment tests are given with CEFR equivalency.

European Language Levels (CEFR Exam) | Zing Languages

Let’s see some advantages of appearing CEFR Exam:

The CEFR is designed for everyone.

The CEFR exam is designed to create curriculums in European countries to write educational books in different languages. A student who is learning French in Germany (level B1) has embedded the same language skills that a student has learned French in Portugal at the same level.

The CEFR makes certificates valid in every European country.

When anyone gives this CEFR exam, which is the exam for different languages that are valid in all European countries. And that could be written by everyone. Any individual can write the exam area-wide in Europe. So, everyone has a chance to write this exam.

CEFR exam can enhance better communication.

The basic skills for good communication require “writing”, “reading”, “listening” and – of course – “speaking”. So that is why every language has these 4 parts discussed above. So, to get better communication skills appearing in this exam can help you to be a language proficiency master.

It Helps to Get Rid of Educational Barriers.

Generally, educational systems vary from area to area in Europe. Every country has its distinct features for handling its educational systems. But when it comes to CEFR these barriers could be gone away. Because this is an exam where all are eligible to appear to access their language proficiency.


If you want to give an English test and you want to get a better score to measure your language proficiency, especially European language then this CEFR exam is the right option. Six levels are there, each one you have to qualify one by one to get proper CEFR certification. Read this blog you will get to know about the exam benefits and why you can opt for this exam.

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