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German Classes in Bangalore

German Classes in Bangalore
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In the present era, the expansion of the German language has gained popularity owing to the fact that many universities in Germany implement free higher education besides a multitude of career prospects.

If you want to expand your career or work in Germany, you have to learn German basics. If you have the curiosity to take German classes in Bangalore, Zing languages can be the best choice as they give training in the German course.

Why German?

Being able to speak more than one language widens your career, and job opportunities making it more appealing to potential employers in Germany. There is a broad scope of business opportunities. 

Also, if you are looking for employment in the United States, knowing the German language can be an added advantage as German companies in the US usually look for someone who is skilled with German literacy over an equally qualified candidate.

Is German Good for Indians?

Germany has multiple jobs and internship opportunities for international students coming from various countries including India. Students can get free education at zero tuition fees and qualified working professionals can also get an opportunity to work in an employee-friendly work culture.

Is German Useful in Bangalore?

If you are from India and searching for better job prospects then taking German course in Bangalore can be beneficial to enhance your CV. This will make you eligible to grab a job opportunity in Germany as well as German companies in India like Bosch Groups, Deutsche Bank, etc.

Who Should Join the German Language Course in Bangalore?

Students who decide to learn a foreign language with a lot of career opportunities and prospects in various industries like engineering, automobile, medical, pharmaceutical, and IT, to name a few can choose a German language course in Bangalore.

Levels of German language course in Bangalore

Basic level 

  • Level A1 – The start level of the German language course
  • Level A2 – The elementary level of the German language course

Intermediate level

  • Level B1 – The intermediate level of the German language course
  • Level B2 – The upper intermediate level of the German language course

Advanced level

  • Level C1 – The expert level of the German language course
  • Level C2 – The master level of the German language course

Duration of the Course

  • Levels A1 and A2 would take approximately 60 – 120 hours to complete because these levels will help you understand simple German sentences, and comprehend short sentences. 
  • Levels B1 and B2 take around 200 -300 hours to complete because you will have to learn the right words, expressions, and grammar to understand fast dialogues and idiomatic expressions. 
  • Level C1 and C2 are advanced and highly competent with complex conversations and close to native-level German fluency. This German language course in Bangalore takes about 240 hours to complete but it varies from individual to individual to master the language.

Zing Languages’ Teaching Methodology

Our skilled trainers who are devoted and have years of expertise handle the German language course in Bangalore. The teaching methodology at Zing Languages is focused on 

  • Providing in-depth knowledge of German vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Construction of sentences from basic to advanced 
  • Phrases are taught in stages
  • German grammar to understand the concept of the language
  • Developing German listening and speaking skills with a German accent
  • Lesson based on German conversation and translation to make the language interesting
  • The ability to read and write while taking German classes in Bangalore
  • Enhancing communication skills to improve fluency and speaking with confidence.

At Zing Languages, you will receive customized teaching where you get an opportunity to speak, clarify doubts as each student will be accompanied by a trainer.

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Key highlights of Zing languages

We provide German language classes in Bangalore for levels from A1 to B2. Your journey of learning German from our German classes in Bangalore usually begins with alphabets, colors, numbers, greetings, self-introduction, and a variety of other topics to help you improve on four skills

Reading – You will be able to read the literature relating to the German language that includes everyday conversation where it can be easy for communication

Writing – You will be able to provide personal information and fill out the application forms. In this way it would be helpful to write an email inviting someone to an event like a birthday party, as well as make simple sentences for the day-to-day activities that are free from grammatical errors 

Listening – You will be able to understand monologue conversations like announcements in an airport or railway station if a native speaker speaks in a very low phase for simple sentences.

Speaking – You will get an opportunity to introduce yourself. You can also speak about your hobbies and vacations. By this, you will be able to discuss day-to-day tasks with ease.

Benefits of German language course in Bangalore

Taking German classes in Bangalore can have multiple benefits, especially for Indian students which include:

  • Learning German increases the chance of succeeding in professional life.
  • Studying the German language is easier for English speakers as English and German are considered 60% lexically similar. 
  • You can get a better chance of securing a visa.
  • You can get part-time jobs in Germany while studying simultaneously.
  • Companies in Germany prefer candidates who can easily communicate in German.
  • With our expert trainers, learning the different levels of the German language by taking a German language course in Bangalore would definitely be a boon as the teaching is made simple with easy understanding.
  • You can pick up the German accent easily if you opt for German classes in Bangalore as we help you with the complex sentence pattern in German, which is quite challenging.


To conclude, taking German classes in Bangalore at Zing Languages can be beneficial for you because it not only helps you to communicate well with the German people but also will boost a bonding relationship with them.

Moreover, you are sure to ace all the levels of the German language by getting an international German language certification that can help you fly to your dream destination and make your dream accomplished!

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What German courses does the Zing Language offer to you?

Zing Languages offers German Beginner A1, German Elementary A2, and German Intermediate (B1) course all are designed for new learners who want to improve their speaking, listening, reading, and Writing skills. These courses also enhance their grammar and vocabulary skills as well. The German courses can accessed via web and the mobile apps.

What are the benefits of learning German Courses in Zing Languages?

Learning all the above three courses can give you an international German Language Certificate and help you become an A1-certified professional. If you are searching for the best German Classes in Bangalore then Zing Language is best.
Learning their three German courses will develop your communication to talk better with your German colleagues and people.

How much does it cost to learn the German language in Bangalore?

You can take German classes in Bangalore at Zing Languages from beginner to intermediate level. The course fee for beginner A1 level is Rs.20000, Elementary A2 and Intermediate B1 for Rs. 25000.
Moreover, you can take German A2 and B1 Q Bank and Mock Tests for Rs. 999 each and German A1 Q Bank and Mock Tests for Rs. 1999.

Can I learn German in 1 month?

Learning German in one month can be a difficult task for anyone because within a month you will get to know only the basics and understand the language (both written and spoken). If you want to learn quickly as possible take German classes in Bangalore, set a goal, and keep practicing on a daily basis.

Can I study German by myself?

German is closely related to English and these two languages share similar alphabets, common words, and sentence structures. Since you are well-versed in English, learning German all by yourself won’t be hard at all. But if you take German classes in Bangalore, you will get to know more about the German self-study method without wasting your time.