15 Effective Steps to Speak English Fluently

How to speak English fluently? Speaking English fluently is a kind of art. Go beyond the classroom walls and spend your resources effectively to develop a native-like fluency in English.

How to speak English fluently? We bring you 15 effective steps to speak English fluently and confidently. So go beyond the classroom walls and spend your resources effectively to develop a native-like fluency in English.

Covid-19 has given a huge boost to globalization and remote working culture. With the world going borderless, technology play a vital part in everyone’s life. Globalization can be felt in the English language, as more English-speaking country “USA” dominates the technology space. This development reinforces the fact that the English language is the de-facto global language in this modern internet world.

Remember, the ultimate goal of learning English is communication.

Days Required 180 days

Make the Language your priority

Create opportunities like speaking to small children, and finding new words by investing your time daily to commit yourself by giving more importance to the language.

Interact with English

Listen to English songs and music, watch English TV shows or programs and movies with subtitles so that, slowly, you can grab the language without even reading the subtitles. This technique is a great way to grasp the sounds of a new language.

Pronounce new words

After watching movies from subtitles and listening to music, you repeat the words used in dialogues and recollect the same if you happen to hear it again. This practice will improve your listening skills simultaneously. Check out English Elementary Conversation.

Learn vocabularies

Try to learn at least two to five new words and frame sentences of your own so that regular usage of new vocabs can help you know when and where to use the words, and your language can gradually improve.

Form phrases

After learning vocab, take a general topic of your own like your travel experience, hobby, etc. and try to put the words in sentences of about 50 to 100 words in the form of phrases like, “Tonight I am going to Ooty“ and develop your ideas to a passage.

Don’t focus more on Grammar

It seems weird, but some hesitate and always speak with consciousness by thinking more like, “Is my Grammar correct? Let me not speak; what if I’m wrong? So many questions like this arouse, and one can lose interest and confidence. So understand Grammar but don’t focus more on it.

Put yourself in situations to speak English fluently

Allow yourself to make mistakes and try to speak further even when you are grammatically wrong. You can surely learn from your mistakes by putting yourself in situations that can help you master your English.

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Get a personal training

It is advisable to train yourself with a trainer if you wish to seek proper guidance in clarifying the doubts to develop your interest in the English language but don’t consider English as a “textbook subject”.

Practice frequently

Don’t panic if you’re wrong in speaking. We would have heard the saying, “Practice makes a man perfect.” So, practice daily by speaking loud to yourself first.

Travel more

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If you get an opportunity to travel abroad, challenge yourself to make your trip interesting and experience yourself by traveling overseas to enhance your English-speaking skills. Don’t be shy; making mistakes is a part of the learning process, which gives the confidence to speak English fluently.

Read comics and newspapers

It seems a normal kiddo thing to read comics and storybooks, but you should make your foundation strong. The small droplets of water form a big ocean. Likewise, this habit will enhance your vocabulary skills and creativity. Reading newspapers can also ease your fluency.

Avoid boring books

Some say reading novels can enhance English. It is true, but it depends on each individuals’ perception. Don’t stick to other views, do what sounds happy and interesting to you. Keep in mind that the written English language is different from the spoken language.

Solve word games and puzzles

Play word-forming games, and solve crossword puzzles so that you can entertain yourself appropriately and invest your time. In addition, it boosts your self-motivation to speak English fluently.

14. Make use of technology

Everyone is using mobile phones today. Rather than just using them for playing games, it is advisable to install English learning apps, watch YouTube channels, or take online English courses to learn English. Follow just two apps and don’t complicate yourself because each method of teaching is different. So just view, understand, and adapt to your perfect style.

15. Think to study abroad

Finally, when all the steps are covered, you can enhance yourself by planning to do your higher studies or looking for job opportunities abroad that suit your budget and availability. By doing this, you get a chance to speak English fluently to native speakers, which can enrich your English language fluency, making the language more comfortable and interesting.

Estimated Cost: 15000 INR


  • Online Courses
  • Personal Training
  • Practise materials


  • Laptop
  • Internet
  • Headset with microphone

Materials: Dictionary, Notebook with pen, online docs

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no steps to Speak English Fluently, but there are some general steps you can follow to improve your fluency. These include building vocabulary, improving pronunciation, practicing speaking with native speakers, listening to English media, and immersing yourself in an English-speaking environment. It’s also important to focus on grammar and sentence structure to ensure effective communication.   

Improving English first step to Speaking English Fluently needs regular practice and dedication. Some tips for improving your fluency include setting goals for your language learning, practicing speaking with native speakers or language partners, listening to English media, reading English books or articles, and immersing yourself in an English-speaking environment. It’s also important to focus on building vocabulary, improving pronunciation, and studying grammar and sentence structure.

To speak good English every day, there is important steps to Speak English Fluently to make language learning a part of your daily routine. Some tips for practicing English every day include reading English books or articles, listening to English media, practicing speaking with language partners or native speakers, and using English in everyday situations such as ordering food or asking for directions.