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If you are dreaming to study at German University or want to do any job in Germany then there is the utmost need to learn the German language. It is the major essential criteria aspirants have to accomplish when they want to study or work in Germany.

Therefore, learning the German language is very much important for everybody who can move to Germany to accomplish their dream aspects. But learning the language is not sufficient you have to prove it through some valid certification to ensure that you are proficient in the German language.

For those reasons, there is a German Proficiency Test in India and abroad. Now, this blog will give an idea about what is the German Language proficiency test.

What is the German Language proficiency test?

If anyone wants to evaluate the German proficiency of an individual, who is not a native speaker of German, then the individual has to appear German Language proficiency test.

This German Language proficiency test is a recognized test. This exam does not have any specific criteria, it is open to all who want to check their efficiency level in the German Language or who want to get German language certification.

What is the purpose of the taking German proficiency test in INDIA?

In India, many people learn the German Language for various reasons,
1. To take admission to German universities
2. For Employment
3. Meeting certain German visa requirements.

However, to accomplish all these criteria there is a need to appear German Language proficiency test. There are many language instructors available to give quality coaching to appear for this German Language proficiency test like Zing Language.    

But one can appear in this exam if it is mandated. Some people learn the German Language as a hobby or some universities or employers in Germany may require any German Language certification or few are there to learn the German language to survive in German only for basic conversation with friends, work clients, etc.

So finally, it is clear that appearing for the German language certification is not mandatory or not always essential, it is up to the individual choice and needs.

Why it is essential to take up German proficiency tests in India?

Just only saying verbally that I know the German language is not as effective as being a certified one. When you learn something and get an approved certification certificate, then it is worth it.

So, to get proper authenticate German certification, a German Language proficiency test is the best option. So, to crack this exam easily Zing Language’s experienced coach instructor will guide you.

What is the advantage of taking up German language proficiency tests in India?

1. At any point in time, you can prove to yourself how better you are at German language proficiency.
2. It will add more value to your Resume or CV.
3. Your admission chances will be increased in recognized German Universities of your choice.
4. Employers give more opportunities to candidates with a German Language certification.
5. You can enhance your career as a German Language tutor, Translator, Freelancer, or Language specialist.

What are the German Language proficiency exams to appear in India and Abroad?

Some most popular German language proficiency tests available in India and abroad are;
1. Zertifikat Deutsch
2. TestDaF
3. DSH
5. ӦSD
6. ӦIF

These are the German language exams that are commonly adopted worldwide, each exam has its format and fee structure and it is conducted by different Institutes or Examination centers. After the successful completion of these exams, the respective university will offer you the official certificate which can be used for varied purposes.

Zertifikat Deutsch

 “Zertifikat Deutsch” is a German language proficiency exam to test your German language proficiency in India.

Recognized by the Federal Government of Germany & accepted by all the German universities this certification works as German Language proficiency proof. This exam was conducted by Goethe-Institut or Max Mueller Bhavan across 6 centers in major cities.

Exam Centre

  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi and Pune

Check out German Classes in Chennai.

Max Mueller Bhavan in India with the partnership Goethe-Institut conducts tests at

  • Ahmedabad
  • Coimbatore
  • Chandigarh
  • Hyderabad, and Trivandrum

TestDaF Exam

“TesTDaF” exam is recognized by most German universities only for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree admission. This certification is valid for its whole life, with no such expiry for it.

This test is conducted to evaluate

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Written production and Oral production skills.

 Fee structure

  • The fee for this exam is 85 Euros in Indian Rupees which will be Approx. 8,500/-.
  • Result declared after 6 weeks from the date of your exam.

DSH Exam

  • Conducted by German universities.
  • Recognized by most German universities only for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree admission.

TELC GmbH- The European Language certificates

  • Conducted by the Federal Government of Germany in support of European Language certificates
  • This exam is to evaluate the German skills of students in 11 European languages by providing 80 different certificates provided.

ӦSD – German Language certificate Austria

  • This exam is conducted by the Austrian Federal Government.
  • Accepted by Universities and some universities in Switzerland and Germany act as proof of German Language proficiency.
  • Exam conducted across 200 test centers in Austria and 200 centers in other countries.
  • In India:- Chandigarh and Bengaluru.

ÖIF – Austrian Integration Fund

  • The exam evaluates the German language skills of people across Austria.
  • And also evaluated the German language skill progeny of immigrants.
  • Introduced in 1960.
  • The most special of this exam is the Austrian Integration Fund (OIF) will refund 50% of the course fee to students who have successfully passed the exam.

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This blog is the perfect guide for you to know more about the German Language proficiency test in India. Have a glance above and get more detailed in brief. If anyone wants to get German certification then this test is essential. There are many  German Language exams in India as well as abroad you can attempt.

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