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Most Spoken Languages In The World

Most spoken languages in the world
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There are about 7,100 distinct languages spoken across the entire universe, of which the top 10 most spoken languages in the world cover half of the world’s population. Out of all the languages, some languages become extinct or dying languages whereas some are spoken by a very few people. 

There are ten other languages which also extend its usage in communication. English is an international language spoken around the world every single day. On a rough sketch, half of the world’s population speak the below 10 languages as they are native speakers of the same.

Note: This list is about the languages spoken as the first language or native speakers.

Here are the Top 10 most spoken languages in the world:

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese stands first among the most spoken languages in the world. The dialects of this language are rich and diverse. The speakers range from North-eastern to Beijing, Southwestern to Yin-Lan including several others like China (languages of China), Taiwan (languages of Taiwan), Malaysia and New York.

Majority of the translation companies convert Chinese to English translation and vice versa for the language translation services.


Spanish stands the second among the most native languages which includes around 21 countries speaking this language in the western and eastern hemispheres and also runs close with English.

Languages with most speakers


English is listed at the third place among the most spoken languages in the world. The reason behind is that it is an international language spoken worldwide. Many of the IT sectors and majority of the professional translation services use English as a target or source language.

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Hindi and Urdu grab the fourth spot in the list of top 10 most spoken languages in the world. There are higher estimates of Hindi speakers which acts as the base for all the North Indian languages in India. Not all variations of Hindi are mutually lucid considering the same language.

Despite the Hindi speakers, translation services including English to Hindi and Hindi to English translation is not much requested because most probably Hindi-Urdu speakers can also speak the English language.

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Arabic ranks fifth in the world, which comprises 4 main dialects. Generally, it is widespread in the Western, Central Egypt, Southern parts of the Gulf, Yemen and Northern parts of Iraq and Lebanon. Also, Arabic is an official language of about 26 countries and translation services from Arabic to English and English to Arabic is definitely a major service.


Bengali stands in sixth place and is surprisingly the most spoken language in the world. Also, Bengali is used only in some parts of the world with around 200 million speakers but the importance of the language is rarely known as they consider it an exception in English Bengali translation services.


Portuguese is the seventh most spoken language especially in the east and western hemispheres. Countries like Brazil (read also: languages of Brazil), Angola, Portugal and other countries around the region speak this language. Also, the Portuguese translation has a huge rise in the western hemispheres and is used regularly as the most translated language especially on store products.


Russian comes in the eighth notch and most of the Russian places use Mandarin even in the smallest area competing with it. It is one of the leading languages of the United Nations. Russian to English translation services are estimated to be the most important translation services in the field of internet marketing.

Languages with most native speakers


Japanese has dozens of dialects which are completely unintelligible to each other. They have three types of dialects which include Tokyo, Kyoto-Osaka and Kyushu. Each of these dialects have many sub-dialects. Moreover, Ryukyuan is a dialect spoken in Okinawa and Amami Islands.


Punjabi is in the tenth position of the most spoken languages in the world. It also stands in the third place as one of the Indian languages on the list followed by Bengali, and Hindi-Urdu languages.

Punjabi is spoken by the Pakistanis and Indians as Punjab lies in India’s northwest border. Furthermore, Punjabis also reside in Pakistan making it a provincial language and is not considered as Pakistan’s official language.

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