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German Classes in Chennai

German Classes in Chennai
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Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu has a major trade center in booming and attaining a significant place where German-based multinational companies like Abicor Binzel, Bosch Group, and Deutsche Bank Group, have emerged to establish their business hubs paving a way to expand more start-ups. Acquiring the German language (German Classes in Chennai) fosters an individual to enhance and expel more career opportunities.

Studying abroad in Germany can be a good proposition if you have the zeal to chase your dreams. Many students travel overseas to pursue higher studies in the past decade and this trend has not lost its novelty value. 

Learning a new language may seem difficult at the start, but our intensive German classes in Chennai help you overcome any apprehensions you have with regard to learning German.

Challenges of taking German classes in Chennai

If you prefer Germany as your destination, you should ensure to master the basic German levels (A1 and A2) before you step into Germany:

  • Firstly, German is the second most widely taught in the European Union after English as a vital foreign language and a premier business language. So, you have to choose the right form of words to string a sentence free from grammatical errors.
  • Secondly, you should have curiosity and invest your time and effort to learn a new language but at Zing languages our interactive German classes in Chennai takes you beyond the obvious and helps you with strong fundamentals.
  • Thirdly, it is widely spoken in Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein besides German, so learning German will help you in exploring new destinations as well.

Learning the German Language in Chennai

It is a proven fact that knowing a foreign language such as German will provide a competitive edge in enhancing the listening skills, memory, and career choices in an international environment.

Taking German classes in Chennai can be an extremely rewarding experience to boost employment prospects, create a possibility to immigrate to a German-speaking country, and make travel more enjoyable.

Our trainers boost the confidence of the students at Zing Languages by working together with them to ensure that German classes in Chennai are engaging and interactive to make a difference in the lives of students, as we emphasize the race for excellence to go beyond the horizon.

We adopt a curriculum by conducting regular mock tests, practicing exercises, and administering the students to enable them to fetch an excellent score in the German certification exams which would transform students ultimately into efficient German speakers.

German Classes in Chennai

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German language training at its best

The trend of learning a new foreign language is becoming increasingly popular, especially if you are looking to study abroad. Many European countries like France and Germany insist that knowledge of their local language is a must. This is primarily the reason why we initiated our German classes in Chennai to cater to the students who wish to travel to Germany to pursue their higher education.

Our exemplary training with our professional German speakers has multiple years of experience to handle the students with unique training methodologies that fulfill the aspirations of those who are planning to learn the German language course in Chennai.

Zing Languages is the most trusted German language course Chennai as we have trained more candidates in the German language with audio and video clippings, visual charts, and more interactive sessions which would make the learning process a joy for each and every candidate irrespective of age.

Skills acquired from Certification Courses

A1 Beginners 

  • Understand what you hear in day-to-day situations
  • Obtain relevant information from short messages, public notices, and classified ads.
  • State the figures, prices, quantities, and time.
  • Fill in basic information and personal details on forms.
  • Write personal messages in brief
  • Introduce yourself and answer simple personal questions in a conversation
  • Respond to everyday common queries and requests 

A2 – Elementary Level

  • Understand the main content of brief announcements, conversations, or phone messages
  • Obtain important information from newspaper articles, ads, and notice boards
  • Fill in ordinary forms in banks, shops, or government offices
  • Write a message about an immediate situation.
  • Exchange personal details and introduce yourself in a conversation
  • Ask and respond to questions in conversations about everyday topics
  • Make arrangements or agree on something in everyday conversation

We provide German certification courses in Chennai for A1, A2, and B1 with a globally recognized syllabus based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) with multiple and flexible batches to cater to the needs of the individuals who have the passion for learning a new German language course Chennai.

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