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German Online Language Courses in India

German Online Language Courses in India
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The German online language courses in India are gaining momentum as it bridges the cultural gap, especially when you learn directly from native German speakers sitting in Europe. German is a fantastic language to understand the international job market. It opens the door to possess an international career, mostly in today’s global advancements.

The rise of German-speaking professionals in India has opened up a lot of job prospects in education, medicine, and healthcare, logistics, automobile, power and utility, mass media, amusement, tourism, info technology, monetary services, outsourcing, etc.

Knowledge of German will increase your job opportunities with German and foreign corporations in your own country and abroad. If you are a German-speaking student, you may get a scholarship to study abroad in countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

German is called “Deutsch” in the German language. Germany, the country’s name, is Deutschland, which translates to “Land of German,” very much like “England,” the land of English. The German language has a better scope than French, here’s why?

More than 130 million people communicate in German in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Belgium, Eastern France and Northern Italy. So you can now have your German classes online with a teacher from these countries.

Benefits of German Online Language Courses

Covid-19 forced the teachers and students to go online. When you learn online, you can learn from any teacher around the globe. Why do you limit yourself to in-country teachers?

The major benefit of German online language courses is that you can learn directly from native German speakers. There is no better teacher than the native speaker to teach the expressions and tones.

Only 30% of communication depends on the language and the rest of the 70% is all about how you say it! This 70% is about body language – expression and tone

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German Language Course Levels

Like other European languages, the German language has 6 courses levels.


German Online Language Courses in India

Zing Languages offers German online language courses in India, from beginner (A1) to advanced levels (C1). The course content includes videos and practice exercises with advanced AI-speaking modules to perfect your German pronunciation.

The German online language courses in India, are open to all age groups. For effective learning, Zing Languages offer 1-1 and group classes. The group class size is 3. The German online language courses are taught by both Indian and native German teachers.

In addition to courses, the question banks, and mock exams are provided to prepare you for the “Zertifikat Deutsch” examination. Below is the list of available German language courses, question banks, and mock exams.

5 Advantages of Learning German Language

  1. Germany is the epicenter of various international corporations.
  2. German is also one of the ten most commonly spoken languages in the world.
  3. The largest number of native speakers in the European Union is German.
  4. The German economy ranks in the top position and can be compared to all the world’s Spanish-speaking countries clubbed together.
  5. Germans are pioneers in automobiles and engineering.
advantage of learning german language

German and English are similar. Several words in German sound equivalent to English words. for instance, cross-check these words:

  • Katze= cat
  • Hallo = hello
  • Liebe= love
  • Kindergarten= kindergarden
  • Mutter = mother
  • Schwimmen = swim
  • singen = to sing
  • kommen = to come
  • blau = blue
  • windig = windy

7 Reasons to Learn German in India

  1. German is the second most ordinarily used scientific language in the world.
  2. 18% of the world’s books are published in German, and comparatively few of those ever appear in English translation.
  3. German is the open door to a world-class higher education.
  4. Germany powerhouses like BMW, Volkswagen, Bosch, Daimler, Adidas, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, SAP, BASF, and Lufthansa are all established round the world. Having German skills on your CV will facilitate your career in several of those International companies.
  5. It will help you search for internships or part-time jobs and direct you to search employment in Germany after your studies.
  6. Special visas are offered to skilled workers and professionals who are well versed in the German language.
  7. Germans have a dominant Internet presence as it gives you access to an additional 17 million websites and does not even count the German sites ending in .com, .net, .org, and .info. and many others.

Final Thoughts on German Online Language Courses

Listen to our native German tutor David, talking about the importance of learning German from the native German speaker.

The German language has 26 letters, just like English. It absolutely takes some time to grasp the language as we are not a native of the European Union and we needn’t panic as it is not rocket science to learn the simple and interesting language.

  • Keep yourself motivated by gaining confidence to learn the German language with utmost interest.
  • Learn all the basics of the German language, especially the most popular vocabulary used frequently in communication.
  • Keep things fascinating by learning the slang, funny words, and idioms.
  • If possible, practice daily by speaking with native German speakers.

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