Japanese Classes in Bangalore

Learn from expert instructors offering beginner to advanced courses, enhancing language skills and cultural understanding.

The demand for Japanese language specialists has been growing for the last two decades in India, which led to the growth of many Japanese language centers in Bangalore and many Indian tier-2 cities.

Post-Covid, the demand for professionals with Japanese language skills has increased many folds. Today, the Japanese classes in Bangalore are taught by both Indian and native Japanese speakers.

Until the last decade, the Japanese language certificate (JLPT) played a significant role in getting Japanese language-related jobs. However, if you apply for a Japanese language specialist position today, you are most likely to be interviewed by a native Japanese speaker from Japan.

Types of Japanese Classes in Bangalore

Language Institutes

Several language institutes in Bangalore specialize in teaching Japanese. These institutes offer structured courses, often following the guidelines of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which is an internationally recognized certification.

Private Tutors

For those preferring personalized attention, hiring a private tutor is an excellent option. Private tutors can tailor lessons to your learning pace and goals, providing a more customized learning experience.

Online Classes

With the rise of digital learning, many institutes and tutors offer online Japanese classes. This mode of learning provides flexibility, allowing you to learn from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

Why Learn Japanese in Bangalore?

Bangalore, a thriving cosmopolitan city, offers a multicultural environment that embraces diverse languages. Learning Japanese in Bangalore provides unique cultural exposure, and the city has reputable language schools and institutes that offer quality Japanese courses.

What matters to Japanese companies is how well you adapt to the company’s culture and Japanese culture. Your cultural knowledge of India and Japan is what pushes you up the ladder. Language is just a tool to learn a culture.

When you learn Japanese by taking the Japanese language course in Bangalore make sure you acquire Japanese cultural knowledge and local slang and expressions.

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Japanese Jobs in Bangalore

Bangalore is the second home to many technology companies. Here are some top companies based in Bangalore, looking for people with Japanese language skills.


Cisco was founded in the year 1984 by a small group of computer scientists from Standford University. Since its inception, Cisco engineers emerged as the leaders in the development of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technologies. Also, there are multiple positions that are open for Japanese-speaking professionals such as,

  • Distribution Operations Analyst
  • Consulting Engineer
  • Network Architects

To know the current open position, you have to check the please visit Cisco’s career page.


Amazon is one of the top 10 global companies. They have several open positions for Japanese language professionals,

  • Applied Scientist
  • Account Specialist
  • Account Manager
  • Partner Trust Ops Lead
  • Sr. Associate, Rec Svc
  • Catalog Lead

and more… To know the current open position, please visit Amazon’s career page.


Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, one of the world’s leading global suppliers of technology and services, offering end-to-end Engineering, IT, and Business Solutions.

Are you from an Engineering background with B.E/B.Tech, M.E/ M.Tech, M.Sc in Electronics or Electronics and Communication or Electrical Engineering, then visit Bosch’s career page right away.


Accenture is one of the global professional services companies which has leading capabilities in cloud, digital, and security.

To find more opportunities you can head on to job portals such as Monster, Naukri, and LinkedIn Jobs.

Job Opportunities in Japan

Japan offers a wide range of job opportunities for foreigners across various industries and professions. Acquiring skills in the Japanese language can significantly enhance your prospects in the Japanese job market. Some of the job opportunities available in Japan for individuals with Japanese language proficiency include:

  • Business Analyst: Analyzing market trends, conducting research, and providing strategic insights to businesses.
  • IT Professional: Working in the information technology sector, developing software, managing networks, and providing technical support.
  • Sales Manager: Leading sales teams, developing sales strategies, and managing client relationships.
  • Engineer: Engaging in engineering projects, designing, developing, and maintaining infrastructure and systems.
  • Actor / Model: Participating in the entertainment industry, including acting, modeling, and performing arts.
  • Accountant: Handling financial transactions, preparing financial statements, and managing budgets.
  • DJ: Performing as a disc jockey at events, clubs, and entertainment venues.
  • Banker: Working in banking and financial institutions, managing accounts, loans, and investments.
  • Freight Forwarder: Managing logistics and transportation of goods internationally.
  • English Teacher: Teaching English as a second language to students in schools, language institutes, or private tutoring.
  • Service Staff: Working in hospitality, tourism, and customer service roles.
  • Translator / Interpreter: Providing translation and interpretation services for businesses, government agencies, and events.

By enrolling in Japanese classes in Bangalore, individuals can develop their language skills and increase their chances of securing employment opportunities in Japan across various sectors.

Top 5 Japanese Classes in Bangalore 2024

  • Zing Languages
  • Japanese Language School (JLS)
  • Inlingua Bangalore
  • Bangalore Nihongo Kyooshi-Kai (BNK)
  • Sayuri Japanese Language School

Zing Languages

  • The Zing Languages is a revolutionary online platform connecting language learners directly with native Japanese speakers. Zing Languages offers both individual and group classes, all classes run by native Japanese speakers.
  • The Japanese language courses are practical and focused on the 1000 most-used words in Japanese. With a small class size, every student gets sufficient speaking time with native Japanese speakers.

Courses offered by Zinglanguages

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Japanese language course

Japanese Language School (JLS)

Overview: JLS is one of the most reputed language schools in Bangalore, offering comprehensive Japanese language courses. Courses Offered: They provide courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, including preparation for the JLPT. Highlights:

  • Experienced native and non-native instructors.
  • Interactive teaching methods, including cultural activities.
  • Regular assessments and feedback.

Inlingua Bangalore

Overview: Inlingua is a global language training organization with a strong presence in Bangalore. Courses Offered: They offer Japanese language courses for various proficiency levels. Highlights:

  • Small class sizes for personalized attention.
  • Emphasis on practical communication skills.
  • Flexible timings, including weekend classes.

Bangalore Nihongo Kyooshi-Kai (BNK)

Overview: BNK is dedicated to promoting Japanese language and culture in Bangalore. Courses Offered: Their courses are designed for all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. Highlights:

  • Experienced teachers with a passion for Japanese culture.
  • Cultural immersion activities, including Japanese festivals and events.
  • JLPT preparation courses.

Sayuri Japanese Language School

Overview: Sayuri offers a range of Japanese language courses with a focus on conversational skills. Courses Offered: Beginner to advanced levels, including business Japanese. Highlights:

  • Native Japanese instructors.
  • Emphasis on speaking and listening skills.
  • Customized courses for corporate training.

Benefits of Japanese Classes in Bangalore

Embarking on Japanese classes in Bangalore brings a multitude of benefits:

  • Cultural Immersion: Dive into Japan’s rich heritage, arts, cuisine, and societal norms.
  • Global Connectivity: Connect with Japanese speakers globally for effective communication.
  • Career Enhancement: Open doors to professional opportunities in multinational corporations.
  • Enriched Travel: Explore Japan confidently, engage with locals, and discover hidden gems.
  • Cognitive Development: Improve memory, problem-solving, and linguistic abilities.
  • Personal Growth: Achieve personal fulfillment and open doors to new possibilities.

Why Choose Zing Languages for Japanese Classes in Bangalore?

1. Zing Languages boasts a team of experienced and qualified instructors proficient in Japanese language and culture.
2. The curriculum is carefully designed to cover linguistic aspects, cultural nuances, and practical communication skills.
3. Zing Languages provides flexibility in class timings, allowing learners to balance their language studies with other commitments.
4. Classes are interactive, fostering a dynamic learning environment and encouraging active participation.
5. The program goes beyond language proficiency, offering insights into Japanese culture for a well-rounded learning experience.
6. Acquiring Japanese language skills through Zing Languages opens up career opportunities in various industries, given the growing demand for bilingual professionals.
7. Joining Zing Languages means becoming part of a supportive learning community, offering encouragement and camaraderie.

JLPT Exam Center in Bangalore

The JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) exam center in Bangalore provides a convenient and accessible venue for individuals seeking to test their Japanese language proficiency.

  • This center facilitates the examination process, allowing candidates to demonstrate their language skills and achieve certification levels.
  • Whether for academic, professional, or personal reasons, the JLPT exam center in Bangalore serves as a crucial hub for those aspiring to showcase their Japanese Classes in Bangalore.


Finally, there are many opportunities for Japanese learners and many options for Japanese classes in Bangalore. What matters is the result. There is no better thing when it comes to learning a language than learning the language from a native speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons to learn Japanese by taking Japanese classes in Bangalore. But the real fact is that the duration of getting fluent in this language will be different for everyone. You can’t expect instant fluency in a matter of weeks but you can see the results incrementally as you progress or study with utmost dedication.

Japanese is one amongst the easiest languages for Indians to learn. You can opt for the Japanese classes in Bangalore without anxiety because the syntax of Japanese will be in subject-object verb structure along with easy and interesting pronunciations and scheme of words, etc. and moreover it is closer to Indian languages that English.

There are various benefits after you taking the Japanese Classes in Bangalore like it can raise your status in the workplace, it can open up more doors for your career or job opportunities, will be more approachable, and further appreciate Japanese culture and entertainment also it is a self-imposed challenge that can take you to heights.

Anyone interested in learning the Japanese language can join the Japanese classes. There are no specific eligibility criteria or age restrictions for enrolling in the classes. Whether you are a student, working professional, traveler, or simply have a fascination for Japanese culture, you are welcome to participate in the courses.

Our Japanese Classes in Bangalore cater to learners of all levels, including beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced speakers. Whether you have no prior knowledge of Japanese or already have some understanding of the language, our courses are designed to accommodate learners with diverse backgrounds and proficiency levels.

We offer Japanese language courses for all proficiency levels, including Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing language skills, we have a course suitable for you.