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The Goethe A2 sprechen (speaking test) is tested in pairs. You speak to your partner and examiners. The speaking test starts immediately once you get the cards. There is no preparation time.

The speaking exam has three parts:

  • Teil 1: Based on the card chosen, you ask your partner questions and vice-versa (1 to 2 minutes per person). Total points for this sprechen teil-1 is 4.
  • Teil 2: You talk about yourself (3 to 4 minutes per person). What you talk should be relevant to the keywords in the card. Total points for this sprechen teil-2 is 8.
  • Teil 3: You and your partner get a schedule/timetable each. You discuss with your partner and plan something together. The discussion should be related to the keywords you see in your schedule (3 to 4 minutes per person). Total points for this sprechen teil-3 is 8.

There are also 5 points for the pronunciation.

Goethe A2 sprechen teil 1

In the sprechen part-1, the examiner will first ask you for your name.
Then you get four word cards and use these cards to ask four questions. Your partner answers.

Sprechen teil 1

For example, if you pick the card “Wohnort”, then

  • Question: Wo wohnen Sie?
  • Answer: Ich wohne in Chennai, in der Schweizer Straße 12. Die Postleitzahl ist 600101.

Goethe A2 sprechen teil 2

In this part, you will also receive a task card with keywords, based on which you should tell about yourself. The examiner then asks one or two other questions. This part of the exam lasts three to four minutes.

Sprechen teil 2

For example,

Am Sonntag schlafe ich lange. Zuerst frühstücke ich gut, dann besuche ich oft Freunde oder meine Freunde kommen zu mir. Manchmal gehen wir ins Kino oder wir machen ein Picknick. Oft spiele ich auch Cricket und gehe danach ins Kino. Ich sehe nicht so gern fern, lieber sehe ich Filme auf Netflix. Ich lese auch viel.

Goethe A2 sprechen teil 3

This speaking part is a role play: You and your partner (participants A and B) are given a schedule/timetable with different information.

For example, a page from a calendar A and a page from a calendar B. You should make suggestions, discuss them and finally find a solution together. You have 3 to 4 minutes to do this.

Sprechen teil 3 a
Sprechen teil 3 b

For example,

You want to go shopping together on Wednesday. When are you both free? Find a common time when both are free

  • A:  Hallo, B, wollen wir am Mittwoch zusammen einkaufen gehen? Hast du Lust?
  • B:  Ja, das ist eine gute Idee. Aber ich habe am Mittwoch nicht so viel Zeit.
  • A:  Kannst du am Nachmittag um 15 Uhr?
  • B:  Nein, das ist schlecht,…..

.What’s next? You can now explore the topics for A2 speaking test along with examples. Start your Goethe A2 prep.

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