Movies Translation & Localization 

With Zing’s movies translation service, you can realize your dream. Are you ready to launch your movie on a global red carpet? You can do so now with our professional international experts. From feature to short films, Zing’s professional localization helps in optimizing the on-screen presence. It is the best way to connect to your international audience.

Ever dreamt of turning your movie into a global blockbuster? Now you can.

Movies Translation Goes Beyond Money

While having a million-dollar budget, a star-studded cast and film professionals seem like the only way you can achieve a blockbuster, you may be wrong. Even with all these things wrapped around your finger, if your movie just does not catch the eyes, attract and convince your international audience, it won’t make the cut. The main aim of every movie is to make its audiences understand its message. But if your movie gets lost in translation, you can kiss your blockbuster dreams goodbye.

Our localization services can roll out that red carpet for you and your movies.

Localizing your film script with our pool of natives and professionals

Our teams boast a diverse pool of professionals and experts when it comes to localization, allowing us to translate and localize your film script with ease. From regional vocabulary, to humour and slang, we can capture the true essence of your target market’s culture. We ensure that the storyline of your movie would not only be understood, but as well as resonate with the right audience in the right places. Aside from our services for language localization, our team of experts will be able to give you some essential advice. To ensure that you are able to meet the legal requirements in your specific region of target, we educate you on the appropriateness of cultural references, humour, profanity, imagery, etc.

Localizing and translating subtitles to connect with your audience

Movie subtitles are essential when releasing your movie to the international public. And badly translated and subtitled movies can make or break the global success of it.

While it takes a lot of work to portray your characters’ words and feelings correctly, it is of the essence that you avoid inaccurate, sloppy and misleading translations. This may be tiresome and would require a lot of work if you do it on your own. There are still solutions such as working with a professional company like us.

At Zing, we have done this time and time again for various clients. We know the ins and outs of translation and localization. Therefore, we can help you with your every localization need. We make sure that you deliver the intended message exactly to the audience.

Voice-Over Services for Movies

To optimize movie localization, choosing the perfect voice-over is important.

Acting skills can only go so far. What’s the most critical in doing voice-overs is having the right person for the role in question. Therefore, our team picks the perfect talent for your voice-over needs. We go through extensive processes for voice casting. Therefore, you get the exact voice and character that you need for your movie.

You can now avoid wasting so much time in looking for someone to do this role for you. Work with us to have the perfect match. As our talents go through the strictest standards, we can be sure that they will be able to deliver the role perfectly, leading your movie to its international success.