Understanding the IELTS exam

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International English Language Testing System

IELTS is jointly managed by British Council, IDP: The IELTS Australia, and Cambridge ESOL.

He/she must have completed 16 years of age or above.

Exam Requirements

No upper age limit for IELTS preparation

There  is NO PAss/fail in this exam!

All IELTS scores will be between 0 and 9, where Band 1 is the lowest and Band 9 is the highest.



IELTS Scores

Your overall band score is assessed based on individual band scores obtained from each of the 4 modules.


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IELTS Modules




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Listening: 30 Mins Reading: 60 Mins Writing: 60 Mins Speaking: 11- 14 Mins


Conversation between two speakers.

PArt 1

Listening Test


PArt 2

Conversation with more than two people.

PArt 3

Monologue based on an academic subject.

PArt 4

Three reading passages.

Academic Reading

Reading Test

Section 1 contains several short texts, section 2 comprises two texts, and section 3 has one long text. 

General Reading

Task 1: Visuals to be described in 150 words. In task 2, an argument in 250 words.

Academic Writing

Writing Test

It includes letter writing about 150 words and essay writing in 250 words.

General Writing

General questions will be asked.

Task 1

Speaking Test

Cue-card topic.

Task 2

Discussion round.

Task 3

Evaluated based on fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and accuracy

IELTS is developed by an international team of experts who have undergone extensive research to make sure the test remains fair and unbiased for any candidate.

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