Why Study Abroad?

Why Study Abroad? 

Why study abroad? Studying abroad creates new experiences and provides students with opportunities to explore the global outlook and pursue job opportunities in their careers.  The ambition and life goals of the student may give rise to possibilities related to further studies or seeking employment to settle down in a job that fulfills their aspirations.

7 Benefits of Studying Abroad:

1. Helps you to build an impressive resume with unique attributes, making you a skilled standalone resource. 2. Identifies you as an independent personality by pointing to your willingness to travel, expanding your ways of overcoming your nature of being an ethnocentric person. 3. Adapts you to cultural tolerances with a broad mindset and innovative thinking. 4. Aiding you to get to perceive and manage changes.

If you are from India or another Asian country, this is the simple answer to the question “why study abroad”? Most international universities provide dedicated services to the students in various ways. Workshops are held throughout the year to build new skills or improve existing skills, which can add finesse to your resume. It further helps you with seeking proper career guidance and handling interviews. Why Study Abroad – Opportunities after graduating

Career Guidance and Placement Support:

Returning to the homeland:

If you have acquired a degree or graduated from a university abroad, you may be back in your home country or town looking for a job. You would have understood the nature of the job and the rights you have as an employee in your chosen job.

Continuation of studies:

If you want to pursue a higher degree in your field of study or gain an additional qualification, you should be aware of the further steps involved in continuing your studies. As said earlier, you can extend your current student visa status with the help of your university’s assistance to stay in the same country.

Working Abroad:

If you wish to work abroad after your studies, you should pre-plan it in advance. Certain countries have visa restrictions post-study because you are allowed to stay in a country only for a certain period after graduation without securing a work visa.

Advantages of Studying & Working Abroad:

Let’s move on from “why STUDY abroad” to “why WORK abroad”? Being employed abroad offers a great way to explore other countries and cultures. In addition, you get to build your career path and enjoy a lifetime adventure of new experiences. 

Exploring the Country:

Generally, traveling abroad is expensive as it can take a lot of money from your pockets. However, you can overcome the expenses if you look for jobs abroad after graduating as the salaries/remuneration would be very high compared to your home country.

Personality Development:

Shifting abroad for studies or work can help you come out of your comfort zone and help to: gain new perspectives, and build your skills both in your personal and professional life.

Impressive Resume :

Having an international assignment can add a brand quotient to your experience and make your resume killer. In addition, you get to be flexible and independent by being innovative in expressing your standalone skills in language fluency or demonstrating a project with the knowledge acquired abroad. This skill further boosts your resume.

Growing Your Professional Network:

Suppose you look for a job in a specific country or location. In that case, there are chances of facing many disappointments such as low compensation, a job not aligning with your interests/background and a remote work location. This situation can be very detrimental to your career growth.

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