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German Classes  in Chennai 

Acquiring the German language fosters an individual to enhance and expel more career opportunities. 

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Challenges of taking German classes: 

If you prefer Germany as your destination, you should ensure to master the basic German level A1 and German level A2.

German is the second most widely taught in the European Union after English as a vital foreign language and a premier business language.

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 “It is widely spoken in Austria, Luxembourg, and Switzerland besides German, so learning German will help you in exploring new destinations as well. ”

Learning the  German Language  in Chennai: 

Taking German classes in Chennai can be an extremely rewarding experience to boost employment prospects.

German Language Training: 

Zing Languages is the most trusted German language course in Chennai as we have trained more candidates in the German language with audio and video clippings.

Understand what you hear in day-to-day situations. Obtain relevant information from short messages and public notices.

A1 Beginners:

Skills acquired from Certification Courses:

Understand the main content of brief announcements, conversations, or phone messages. Obtain important information from newspaper articles, ads.

A2 – Elementary Level :

Lessons are more intense with advanced grammar topics and increased vocabulary Knowing how to create text in the form of a letter, mail, report, or essay.

B1 – Intermediate Level:

Advantages of taking German Classes:




Higher-Quality Instructors.

More Flexibility in Scheduling. 

Cheaper Costs. 


We provide German certification courses in Chennai for A1, A2, and B1 with a globally recognized syllabus based on the CEFR.

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