Common Phrases in the German Language 

Greetings and Introductions,Getting Out of Sticky Situations and Visiting a German Restaurant 


Greetings and Introductions 

Hallo Hello. Hallo, wie geht’s?Hello, how are you? Vielen Dank Thank you very much


Getting Out of Sticky Situations

Was bedeutet das? What does that mean? Es tut mir leid I'm sorry. In Ordnung All right.


Visiting a German Restaurant

Was ist das beliebteste Gericht? What's your most popular dish? Die Rechnung, bitte The bill, please.


Transport – Getting Around in Germany

Was kostet das?  How much is it? Wie lange dauert das?  How long does it take?


Shopping and Bargaining

Was kostet das?  How much is this? Geben Sie mir einen Rabatt? Can you give me a discount?


How to Learn Common German Phrases?

Watch television shows and music Get help from German  expert


Ensure to integrate these phrases into your daily conversations to get fluency while communicating in German.  

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