What language did Jesus speak? 

Evidence from History about the Jesus Language, Did He Speak Latin or Greek? 

While it is often recognized that Jesus Christ is a real historical figure, there has been no unified opinion about what language did Jesus speak because there are no written records.

Historians and linguists have singled out trances of three distinct languages in the Bible – Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek.

Evidence from History about the Jesus Language:

The major part of the Bible and Old Testament was written in Hebrew.  Primary language of the Holy Scripture pointing out that this may have been the native language of Jesus.

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Did He Speak Latin or Greek?

This question arose because people there were also familiar with Latin as Judea was once a part of the Roman Empire.

Most parts of the New Testament are written in Greek and it is said that since Christ spend much of his time preaching in Galilee, Greek was the common language in the region.

Most of the clues indicate that the language of Jesus was Aramaic language. It is the most probable theory agreed upon by scholars.

What Language Did Jesus Speak – Is There an Answer? 

However, linguistic analysis of the Bible states that Jesus spoke mostly in Aramaic for preaching and talking to his disciples.

Upbringing Matters:

It is hard to talk about the past history with certainty and much information about Christ has theories only except more or less supporting evidence. 

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