Japanese NAT Exam :

If you are in search of the ultimate guide on how to ace the Japanese NAT exam. then read on! The JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) or otherwise known as the Nihongo Achievement test.  (National Japanese Exam) is held once a year in Japan and other countries where there are large populations of people studying the Japanese language.

What is the Japanese NAT Exam?

The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers a test called the National Accreditation Tests for Language Schools (NAT).  It is designed to assess whether or not someone can enter an accredited language school in Japan.

The exam is available for anyone who has completed or is currently enrolled in a JLPT level N4 or higher. The test is offered twice per year, in January and July.

Who is Eligible to Take the NAT Exam?

– Learn about your academic background. – Study general knowledge about Japan. – Practice reading and listening comprehension skills. – Master basic kanji characters and vocabulary.

How to Prepare for the Exam?

The NAT exam for the Japanese Language consists of three parts with five levels exam format.  The first two levels Q1 & Q2 are listening comprehension and reading comprehension, and the Q3 levels include language knowledge, grammar & reading, other Q4 & Q5 levels include language section and vocabulary.

What is the Format of the Exam?

1. To score over 25% on each section. 2. Having to secure a total score of 60% (in most cases) is necessary to get the “passing” grade. 

What are the Passing Scores Criteria?

Japanese NAT test centers in India — – Delhi, – Chennai – Pune.

Test Centre In India:

Courses offered by Zinglanguages :

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If you are willing to ace this Japanese NAT exam then this is the best opportunity to explore your dream come into reality. Every year 150,000 candidates give this test across the testing centers.  You can be one of them, read this blog you will get a better idea about the Japanese NAT exam and it will be easy for you to appear in this exam with ease.

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