Japanese Classes in Bangalore

Why Learn Japanese? 

It would help if you remembered the ultimate goal of learning any language, including Japanese, is communication. Your Japanese communication skills will help bridge the gap between India and Japan.  The JLPT certificates will help you in getting interviews but not the jobs. Even if you have an N2 certificate, it does not guarantee any salary or position. 

Top 5 Japanese Classes in Bangalore 2022: 

– Zing Language. – SpiceUp Academy. – Nili Japanese. – Japanese Language School. – NAVIS Language Center.

The Zing Languages is a revolutionary online platform connecting language learners directly with native Japanese speakers. Zing Languages offers both individual and group classes, all classes run by native Japanese speakers. Courses offered by Zinglanguage:Japanese Beginner N5Japanese Elementary N5JLPT/NAT N5 Qbank & Mock Test

Zing Language:

SpiceUp Academy:

The SpiceUp academy Japanese classes in Bangalore are run with the help of native Japanese speakers.  Students interested in pursuing higher studies in Japan and moving to Japan for job opportunities may consider this academy.

Nili Japanese:

Nili’s Japanese classes in Bangalore cover all JLTP levels. The timing is flexible, both on weekdays and weekends.

The Japanese language school is one of the oldest Japanese institutes offering Japanese classes in Bangalore. The downside of its Japanese course is that the course is academic (theoretical) and focused on the JLTP certificates.

Japanese Language School:

NAVIS Language Center:

The NAVIS language center has offices in Bangalore, Chennai, and Japan. Given its global presence, you certainly gain cultural knowledge about Japan.


Finally, there are many opportunities for Japanese learners and many options for Japanese classes in Bangalore.  What matters is the result.  There is no better thing when it comes to learning a language than learning the language from a native speaker.

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