I Love You in the French

The Language of Love, Few Reasons to Learn to Speak French and How to Say I Love You in French?

From the simple to the advanced, here are the different ways of capturing the sentiment of romantic love by saying, I love you in the French Language.

Every day is the perfect time to fall in love over and over again.  No one can deny that hearing the words Je t’aime – under the Eiffel tower is a life-time experience.

Je t’aime.

This is the most standard way of professing I Love You in the French Language for your better half.

(I love you.)

(I like you.)

If you have a feeling that you care for the person, but you still do not think it is love, you can use this.

Je t’aime bien.

(I adore you.)

If you vividly want to express how much you worship your partner, you can use this phrase.

Je t’adore.

When you are speaking to your friends, you can use this to tell them how much you adore or like them.

Je t’aime beaucoup.

(I am fond of you.)

(My heart is racing for you.)

If you want to sound poetic, you can use this to express your love.

Mon coeur bat la chamade pour toi.

(You mean so much to me.)

If you feel a little bit shy about saying, I love you use this phrase first to see how your special person will react.

Tu comptes tant pour moi.

(I want you.)

If you want to make your special one, feel your vibe and passion toward him/her, say this phrase in combination with I love you.

Je te désire.

Je t’aime tellement.

Of course, most of the time, adding the word ‘so much” can earn you an extra cookie point to your special or loved one.

(I love you so much.)

Now you determine which expression of romantic love can be appropriate for your romantic situation. 

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