Common Phrases in the Japanese Language 

Common Japanese Phrases, Greetings and Introductions and Expressing Gratitude.


Japan is a country with a unique culture, and the language plays a significant role in its daily communication.

In this webstory, we’ll cover the most common Japanese phrases used in Japanese greetings, introductions, and expressions of gratitude.

Common Japanese Phrases 


Ohayou gozaimasu 





Good morning 

Good evening 


Nice to meet you 

Yellow Star


Thank you 

Arigatou gozaimasu

Thank you very much 

Gratitude is highly valued in Japanese culture, and there are many ways to express it.  

1.  “Konnichiwa” is used to say “Hello” or “Good afternoon.” 2.  “Ohayou gozaimasu” is used to say “Good morning.” 3.  “Kombanwa” is used to say “Good evening.”

Greetings and Introductions:

Expressing Gratitude:

These common Japanese phrases can be used in a variety of situations, from receiving a gift to thanking someone for their assistance. 

Bowing is a common way to show respect and appreciation. The depth and duration of the bow depending on the situation and the level of respect or gratitude being shown.

Other Ways to Express Gratitude:

What are some common Japanese greetings? 

Greetings include “Konnichiwa” (Hello/Good afternoon), “Ohayou gozaimasu” (Good morning), “Kombanwa” (Good evening), and “Sayonara” (Goodbye). 

“Nice to meet you” is “Hajimemashite” in Japanese, which is a common Japanese phrases used in everyday life. 

How can one say “Nice to meet you” in Japanese? 

By learning and using these common Japanese phrases, you’ll be able to connect with Japanese people in a respectful and polite way. 

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