What Is Transcription Services, Why Do I Need It?

Firstly, let’s understand the term “transcription services”. The transcription is a process of listening to an audio recording of any sort, while simultaneously writing down what has been said by the speaker, verbatim, within the same language used by any speaker in the audio. Transcription is widely used in academia, media, legal and business settings. Some examples would include transcription being used for subtitles in a video for audience to read, or when it comes to the legal realm, transcription is used to document court hearings.

Professional Transcription Services for Your Industry

  • Interview
  • Medical
  • Business Meetings
  • Legal
  • Market Research/Survey

Zing’s aim is to be able to help those in need to create the most complex of transcription needs, at a high-quality. Our transcription services would include creating speech-to-text translations for any type of application, and for any language.

Our team includes expert and professional transcriptionists and proof-readers. We therefore can be sure to give you only the highest quality transcripts that you need, within your chosen timeframe. Additionally, we are also flexible and can use either a ready-made template that you would have, or tailor a template just for you at no extra cost.


  • Achieve deeper connections with your customers by speaking their true language.

We understand that you want to tap into the hearts of your consumers. We all know that the only way to do this is and to deliver your message across is by communicating with them in a familiar way. So, when it comes to advertising any service or product, knowing the regional dialect, accent, or slang is very essential.

The Need To Communicate On A Deeper Level

Now you know how important it is to speak the same language as your audience. It is time to implement this into your business. But, How do we do it? By working with a team of professionals who have deep knowledge and passion when it comes to conveying emotion. Our company boasts a wide talent of educators, actors, and trainers who possess a unique skillset to truly capture your audience’s hearts. We can be sure to deliver your every need, for any type of audience, with high-quality results.

Diversity Is Not A Problem

Finally, as our team includes a pool of professional, multicultural, and reliable voice talents, we can be sure to meet your diverse needs.