Software Localization and Translation for Every Market

Are you looking for a software localization service to launch to international markets? We offer professional and detailed localization services.

Being able to present your product in front of global audiences may be intimidating without the proper localization of your product. Therefore, to help you with this, we offer our services with regards to product localization.

Software Localization, Why Zing?

Firstly, we have the professional linguistic ability and as well as reliable coding expertise. We help localize your software in all major languages. Since your strength is software and ours is languages, let us work together to achieve a localized software that can be adapted worldwide. Secondly, our expertise lies in extracting your software’s code and translating it to your chosen target language. Thus, making sure that every word, icon and measurement can fit your original software.

The localization process involves:

We shall design your source content to be ready in any language and ensure that your software’s code shall be written in such a way that would allow you to create your own versions of your product in other language easily, and with a lower cost.

We have professional translators worldwide who are trained in this type of service, who will ensure the proper translation and localization of all texts you have used in your software.

Linguistic testing will be used to ensure that all localized texts will be compatible and fitting to your software’s parameters.

Various tests are conducted and done by programmers and users. This process ensures the high quality of the overall functionality of your software.

Translated, localised apps get more downloads and make more money

Mobile Apps and Software Localization Benefits:

  • Localized and translated apps have a higher download rate and are able to receive more revenue.
  • By growing and localizing your use base with us, you become a global leader in the mobile app market. Improve your rate of investment (ROI)
  • You will be able to get a high-quality and audience appropriate app translations. Your users will follow and love your app.
  • You may notice how we can subtly optimise your app’s workflow so as to suit each region’s language, culture and expectations.
  • When expanding your app to a global market, it is essential for you to maintain high standards. With our professionals, we can help you achieve that.
  • By letting us optimize and localize your app, you will be able to communicate and interact better with your audience. Therefore, you can be confident that they will be having the best experience.  Your customers will have the highest satisfaction with your app through our help.

The Software Translation Process Involves:

We first immerse ourselves with your app. We study your specific project again and again. Then we already anticipate any challenges we may expect to face in the future. By giving such attention to detail, we can ensure effective and accurate app translation which you and your users can fully trust and enjoy.

Since we want to be able to capture the essence of your app, we constantly work and communicate with you every step of the way in order to capture the right information we need before we start with the project. We would want to get to know your app, your business objectives, the tone of your voice and most importantly, your brand.

By getting to know the ins and outs of your brand, we are able to conceptualize whether or not all these elements will work within a new language. Additionally, by doing this, we are able to see how we can tweak some parts of your app to make it more appropriate to your target audience. Your product undergoes a rigorous localization testing before we finally deliver your product.

Some important questions would be the type of app that needs to be translated and which operating system it follows, which operating systems are the most popular in the targeted market, which changes are needed to be done with regards to the layout of the app to cater to the taste of your audience, which cultural perceptions of certain colours, shapes or images have to be addressed, which pricing and conversion is needed to sell the app, and many other questions surrounding these topics. Once they have all been answered and we see that this is feasible, we can start translating. In no time, your app shall make its way to the global market.