Spanish Beginner

Spanish Beginner


Get a solid Spanish language foundational skills and develop a native-like accent to boost your global career opportunities

  • Learn naturally from native speakers
  • 3-month beginner course, with access to the Indian teacher
  • Group of 4 or Individual class, with special emphasis on speaking
  • 24/7 learning community, flexible timing, AI-powered course content
  • Customized courses for proficiency, travel, business
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The course starts with the introductory and pronunciation classes with an Indian tutor and will then be taken over by the native speakers. Each live session lasts for 60 minutes (weekdays) or 90 (weekend). The learners will have access to Indian tutors throughout the duration of the course.  The most important advice we offer is practice aloud, leverage the forum to get your queries clarified, and use the live session with the native speaker to improve the speaking skills because to develop fluency, you have to speak, speak, and speak!

Course Outline

Each chapter begins with a parallel, bilingual text with pronunciation, followed by dialogues that deal with common topics. Expressions and cultural facts are presented through the dialogues. To reinforce your comprehension, there are examples and AI-powered interactive activities, which helps in building all 4 skills of a language.

Unit 1: 

  • Introduction to the Spanish language
  • Spanish Is Not Difficult to Pronounce
  • Spanish speaking countries

Unit 2: 

  • Spanish Pronunciation
  • The vowels and consonants

Unit 3: 

  • Definite articles
  • Gender of nouns
  • Plural nouns
  • Indefinite articles
  • Some common verbs

Unit 4: 

  • es, está, and hay
  • Some common verbs
  • Special uses for indefinite articles

Unit 5: 

  • Contractions del and al
  • Possession
  • Omission of indefinite article

Unit 6: 

  • Review – nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, question words, conjunctions, important expressions

Unit 7: 

  • Verb endings
  • Present tense of hablar, a model -ar verb;
  • Polite and familiar you;
  • Negative and interrogative

Unit 8: 

  • Present tense of ser, ir, and estar
  • Use of ir to indicate future time
  • The personal a, possessive adjectives mi and su

Unit 9: 

  • Agreement of adjectives
  • The uses of ser and estar

Unit 10: 

  • Present tense of aprender and vivir, model -er and -ir verbs
  • Verbs followed by an infinitive with a.

Unit 11: 

  • Review – nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, question words, conjunctions, important expressions

Unit 12: 

  • Demonstrative adjectives
  • Present tense of tener and vivir

Unit 13: 

  • Verbs with stem changes
  • Números de uno a cien

Unit 14: 

  • Present tense of dar and saber
  • Números de cien a mil
  • Object pronouns.

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    Thank you for this lesson.

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    I’m learning Spanish at your institute. This is an outstanding course.

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    I find Spanish much easier to speak than French. Organised course content too.

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    Thanks a lot, I could learn and speak more sentences. Speaking to native Spanish speakers gave me more confidence.

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    This is amazing and Spanish is easy to learn.

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    nice class thank you.

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    Thank you for this video, you’re doing an amazing work here, I’m so grateful that I found this channel 😉 Now I feel motivated to learn languages – finally!

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    I made the right decision now. Great course!

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    I really like the way you elaborate something, It’s pretty clear and interesting. Keep up the good work!

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