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Partner with Zing Languages! You can grow your business while helping students and businesses in your local area. At Zing Languages, we take pride in treating our partners with friendliness, efficiency, and flexibility. We are also great believers in communication, which is, after all, the essence of our business.

Variety of Language Solutions:

Foreign Languages Courses

All our foreign language courses are taught by native speakers through video conferences. The courses range from basic to advanced business courses, which can be customized based on the needs. Zing offers 100+ language-related courses.

Type: Group and Individual

Target Audience: Students, Adults, Educational Institutions such as schools, colleges, etc.

All the course materials will be provided and you will be trained as a facilitator.

International Study Programs and Scholarships:

Study abroad services for students interested in technical and non-technical courses offered by foreign universities. For the STEM courses, having the language skill will help the students to get scholarships.

Zing provides end-to-end services from application writing, VISA processing all the way up to finding accommodation and settling in foreign countries.

Target Audience: Students

Zing Kids Education Centre

We are specialized in teaching foreign languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese courses for kids.

The education center will help kids develop language skills naturally and spontaneously: through repeated exposure, the kids will soon increase their vocabulary and ability to express themselves in the language.

Target Audience: Children aged 1½ -12

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