Professional Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Zing’s multilingual desktop publishing services offer a one-stop solution for all your multilingual business needs. We are sure to deliver the best and take care of any design, typesetting and multilingual DTP work. Zing possesses all the expertise and know-how when it comes to multilingual DTP projects. Therefore, we can assist and work with any format, and in all major languages worldwide.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Types

Zing offers a wide range of services and multilingual desktop services, that can surely be of value to you and your products and services. So, what does this entail for you? Zing offers services that are perfect for you.

The Areas We Specialize In:

  • Stationery
  • Brochures
  • Advertisements
  • Newsletters
  • Packaging
  • Foreign language business cards
  • Formal/Corporate multimedia
  • Slide presentations

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Languages

As we have various professionals working in our team, we are able to deliver projects in most world languages with our DTP and typesetting services. Such languages that we have and are capable of handling include Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Thai, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and many more.

Localisation and Design

Given that we are able to deliver in the languages mentioned above and many more, we are sure to give you the solution to your multilingual design needs. For instance, if you would need some simple Thai typesetting, a landing page in Korean, a Chinese app, a website in French or even a newsletter for your Spanish clients, we definitely got you covered.

Our Multilingual Design Services

Since we know that in business, design will be the pride and joy of the company, we aim to focus on the quality of your design and improve it for your consumers.

We objective is to capture the hearts of your consumers. This is why we only select very talented professionals in our team to deliver any designing needs you would have.

When it comes to our processes, we love looking into the details. Additionally, we are very proud to showcase the transparency and organization in our work with our clients. We believe that this is key in conducting very successful projects in which our clients will be very happy with.

We have a very extensive process when it comes to selecting talents. When entering our team, we look at two aspects:

  1. Technical and professional experience – we look into their specific expertise in the industry and take note of these.
  2. Culture and language experiences – we look into the language or cultures that they have been immersed and have extensive knowledge on.

Additionally, when working on each project, each designer is also hand-picked according to their expertise, so we can be sure that you are getting the designer that fits your specific requirements perfectly. By doing all these, we are able to show excellence in everything that we do and are able to deliver exactly what you need.