What is Microtargeting?

Microtargeting, which is also known as micro-niche targeting is a marketing technique that works with technology and the use of consumer data so as to match consumers with the ad campaigns for different products or services. The technology behind this constitutes the usage of consumer demographic, their past purchasing and their browsing history so as to match them with the best market and influence them to make a purchase.

Initially, the political campaigns adapted the Microtargeting. Later, companies tapped into this and microtargeting became increasingly popular with both C2B and B2B companies. This is a very effective tool.  It gets businesses the consumers they want, and it as well can be enjoyable for consumers at the same time as it speaks to their personal interests. The microtargeting strategy can be adapted as part of your international marketing services.

Making the most out of Microtargeting:

  1. Focus on high-quality research. This is mostly important as you would want your products and services reach the right people more effectively. Many make a mistake in specifying the right interests and location of consumers, leading to unsuccessful marketing. Quality research doesn’t always mean that it’s expensive or time-consuming. Some simple tricks such as polls or looking into feedback is all you need.
  2. Social media partnering. When using social media for marketing, many people tend to overlook the features that they offer to their users. Many of these sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook allow their business users to use filters for ad campaigns, and only charge a very small price for these. This type of tool then makes it way easier for businesses who do not have the time and energy to identify such consumers.
  3. Publishing quality content. Boring and lacklustre content obviously does not sell. While you may have already identified a segment for microtargeting, being able to attract your audience is still key. You only have a few seconds to make a good impression to your audience.  Make sure that you use the proper images, colours, shapes, signs, etc. to be able to catch their interest.

At Zing, we make use of microtargeting so as to generate the perfect leads for your business. We use all the tips we have given and many more. We ensure sure that you only deliver the best content to your audience of choice. With the team of experts that we have, we will create localized content that can lead to long term connections between you and your audience.