Time of Expression in French

à bientôtah byaN-tosee you soon
à ce soirah suh swahruntil this evening
à demainah duh-maNuntil tomorrow
à l’heureah luhron time
à la foisah lah foisat the same time
à samediah sahm-deeuntil Saturday
à tempsah tahNon time
à tout à l’heureah too tah luhrsee you later
au bout deo boo duhat the end of
au revoiro ruh-vwahrgood-bye
de bonne heureduh boh nuhrearly
de jour en jourduh zhoor ahN zhoorfrom day to day
de temps à autreduh tahN zah o-truhfrom time to time
de temps en tempsduh tahN zahN tahNfrom time to time
du matin au soirdew mah-taN o swahrfrom morning until evening
en même tempsahN mehm tahNat the same time
en retardahN ruh-tahrlate
il ya a (+ time)eel yahago (+ time)
par jour (semaine, mois)pahr zhoor (suh-mehn, mwah)by day, week, month
tout à l’heuretoo tah luhrin a while
tout de suitetoot sweetimmediately

Putting your knowledge to use

What French idioms of time would you use in the following situations?

  1. When you leave a friend for the day you would say:
  2. If your boss wants something done right away, he wants it done:
  3. If you have an interview at 9 a.m. and you arrive at 10 a.m. you arrive:
  4. If you have an interview at 9 a.m. and you arrive at 8 a.m. you arrive:
  5. If you are going to see a friend later today, you will see him/her:
  6. If you go to the movies every once in a while, you go:
  7. If you work all day long, you work:
  8. If you are leaving a friend for today, but know that you will see him/her tomorrow, you would say: