Professional Interpreting Services

Whether on location or long distance, Zing’s interpreting services can help you with your interpreting needs. Our various interpreting services can be tailored to your own liking and down to any specific requirements you may have. Additionally, we can offer you some advice with regards to selecting an interpreter that meets your interpreting needs.

Being able to speak one’s own language is a sure-fire way to increase the effectiveness of the delivery of your message

Interpreting Services Types

When it comes to interpretation, there are two types to consider: on-site and virtual.


Firstly, when it comes to on-site interpretation, you are able to meet and communicate with the interpreter face-to-face. You can on-site interpreters for complex or sensitive discussions, and as well as meetings that involve large pools of people. Therefore, when you are expecting multiple participants in the meeting, you can hire multiple on-site interpreters in order to cater to the linguistic needs of your attendees.


Secondly, we have virtual interpreters. These professionals are mostly useful when you want to conduct last-minute meetings, shorter conferences, long-distance meetings, and the like. Whether you would need an audio or video interpretation, just contact us.  Zing will be able to provide you with all the materials and equipment you need, at any given time.

The Interpreting Services Include:

  • Simultaneous interpreting – we translate the message at the same time as the speaker is talking.
  • Consecutive interpreting – we translate the message after the speaker has finished a sentence, therefore, needing the collaboration of the speaker who would need to pause at every sentence.
  • Telephone interpreting – we deliver translation over the phone; therefore, this also allows customers to add the trained interpreters into their conference calls.

When it comes to professionalism, you do not need to worry as our interpreters already have some working experience in such business and official settings. So, if you are interested in our services, and are in need of any specific interpreting requirements, you may contact us today so we can assist you as soon as we can.