International Marketing Services, What Is It?

Zing’s International Marketing Services help your brand achieve optimum connection with your consumers across every culture, language and locale. In addition, Zing offers great technological solutions and design solutions for conducting business to a multicultural pool of consumers, which are handled by various experts in our team. The marketing translation is the backbone of our international marketing services.

Marketing Translation

Marketing translation is usually overlooked by businesses, and therefore usually leads to businesses missing major opportunities in fully capturing the market. By giving importance to high-quality translation of your marketing content, you can be sure that your message will have a great impact on your consumers, and consequently, can lead to attracting them more to your brand. Marketing translation is not merely direct translation of every word of your message; above all, it’s being able to use the right tone of voice and making sure that you are able to give the best message across to your international audience. By being able to do this, you can be sure that your brand’s identity comes across crystal clear.

Marketing Translation & International Marketing Services

Zing’s team of translators, marketing professionals and designers are here to help you. We ensure that your output is well-crafted and delivered to your audience. For instance, Zing’s objective is to make sure that your brand’s identity, message, and voice are well-preserved even after the translation process. Thus, helping you connect to a more global audience without compromising your company’s original identity.

Zing has a pool of talents in our team that are well-experienced in this area. In other words, we can make sure that you are able to have a good strategy, content, goals and activities in place. Our main goal is to therefore help you create better and smarter materials and experience for your audience.

Our 4-Step Process:


We place ourselves in your shoes and aim to get to know your individual needs and wants as a brand, identifying ways to improve your brand overall.


In close collaboration with you, we create feasible roadmaps to help you reach your business goals in an easier and more efficient manner.


We look more into the brand’s identity and help you in discovering better ways to improve your unique voice and make your brand’s content standout consistently


We select the right team from our list of experts so as to deliver content that is fitting to your brand’s identity and needs.

International Marketing Services Mistakes:

More often than not, businesses commit marketing mistakes without even realizing it before it’s too late. And one of the most common ones would be producing low-quality and insufficient content and launching it to the public. With Zing’s team of experts, we can assure you that your overall marketing strategy and tools will be:

  • Eye-catching and thought-provoking to your audience
  • Able to provide genuine utility
  • Visually pleasing to the audience
  • Immersive
  • Educational
  • Able to give your audience a positive experience
  • Able to deliver your message well
  • and many more

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our main focus is to ensure that your message and brand connects well to the public, we want to also give you the best services available. Therefore, we offer you:

  • Output delivered by native and professional editors and speakers.
  • Pure original content
  • Copyscape-passed
  • Well-researched technical data and content
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Unlimited free revisions that is at par with your needs