Gaming Translation:Decoding App Growth

Leverage Zing’s gaming translation and localization services for your gaming app. Create a more captivating experience for your worldwide audience.

Want to launch your product with a bang? Here’s how.

We understand that you have spent hours and hours in creating the perfect game, and now that you’re taking further steps into introducing it to the international market, you want to make sure that it will make a lasting impact to your audience. Zing’s gaming translation can help.

Is your game a hit in your local market, then what’s stopping it from conquering the foreign market?

Capture various audiences and ensure a bigger market share as soon as you launch your product. And how do we do that?

Through tailored user experience of course. Zing’s localization and translation services take into account different languages, cultures and as well as gaming habits of users. We are able to get this right with the support of our team that not only specializes in translation but is also highly-trained. Our ultimate goal is to capture and deliver your brand’s message to your preferred audience.

Gaming Translation Opportunity

So just imagine limiting yourself to the local market and missing the opportunity to catch a larger audience and failure to maximize the potential of what you have worked so hard for, just because you did not make a decision to localize your game.

You can still make that decision now and work with us to help you make the most out of your app. We shall localize the game, language, interface, graphics, icons, colors and more, so as you will be able to capture your audience better.

Do you need translation for various operating systems and devices? Does your game need modifications that may be too complex for regular translation agencies? Do you need to make major adjustments with regards to coding, wording and as well as in-game graphics? We understand that this can be a very complex process, but you don’t have to fret. You can leave that all to us and the experts that we have in our team.

Increase your appeal from local to worldwide markets with us and our expert localization services.

Game Voice-Over Services

We have a first-hand source with regards to picking the right talent for your character voice-over needs.

We know you want more than just an actor for your in-game character. Our experiences taught us how difficult it can be when picking the right voice. The unique voice captures the true essence of the character/s. Through selective and extensive voice casting, we can help you find that perfect fit you are looking for.

We have access to contacts of various high-quality voice actors worldwide. We ensure that we can only give you the best fit for your character voice-over needs, helping you achieve the international success of your game that you truly deserve.