Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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You will not get access to the course immediately. Once the order is placed, your order will first be processed and when processing is finished, you will get access to the course.

The customers will be notified about the status of their orders via email. The order status can also be checked under “My Account” page.

All the recordings are the voices of the native speakers. Learning a language from a non-native teacher might sound easy, but people struggle to move up to the next level after a few months. 85% of language learners get stuck at an intermediate level. Practically, when you learn from non-native speakers, you tend to follow their fake accent, hence you might find it difficult to converse with native speakers or native speakers find it hard in understanding your tone and expression.

Keep listening and practicing your pronunciation, you will be surprised by your progress after a few weeks.

For languages, it is required that you spend at least 15 mins every day learning the language. The daily 15 mins learning will yield much higher improvements than weekend study or inconsistent schedules.

You just need to have an electronic device (such as a computer, tablet, or cellphone), a set of earphones with the built-in microphone, and a stable internet connection to begin your session. You can access the materials for the session before it begins. The tutors will be available 3 minutes before the session starts.

All of our sessions are recorded. So, if you missed any session, you can still watch the recorded videos.

You can also join another batch as a silent observer for the missed class.

All students will get a Zing Languages certificate on successful completion of the course. After the beginner level, the students can sit for A1 level (CEFL) test. The students will have to pay extra for such tests, whose certificates are recognized globally.

For more questions, you can contact us. Zing Languages will guide you.

We use the ZOOM video conference for live classes. The classes will be recorded and made available to the students after the session. The students will be able to join the live class from their mobile, tablet, and laptop.

Learner autonomy and empowerent. Everyone is unique and there’s no model that fits everyone. With small class size of 4 (for group classes),  the teacher student interaction time is greater than that of normal classes. Plus, you get to learn from both Indian and foreign teachers.

There are two modules.

First – The course contents are available on our platform. The students can raise their questions in the forum and get clarified.

Second – Live session with native teachers. The native teachers will cover the topic during the session and answer your queries. we recommend that the students leverage the platform forum to clarify their questions and use the live class to improve their speaking skills.

Group Class

After you purchase the course, you will be contacted by our support team. Since we run a small batch of 4 students, we will be able to start a batch at your preferred time slot within a week or two. Remember, we cannot start a batch with less than 4 students. In such cases, you may wait or join other batches.

Individual Class

You can schedule your own classes.

All the language tutors at Zing Languages are experienced professionals with significant experience in teaching languages to foreigners.

The forum will be monitored by Indian teachers.

For learners without any language background, we will provide dual-language consultants to develop your interest and help you improve in an authentic language learning environment. You will have access to our consultants via whatsapp and forum, to get all your queries clarified.


We can work with any major languages of the world (more than 80 languages at present).

For regular language pairs, we charge $0.04 per word.

For rare language pairs, we charge between $0.08 – $0.16 per word.

Once you click on “Add to cart” button, on the next screen, you will find an option to upload the document.

If you have multiple documents and large files, we recommend uploading them to a cloud drive.

We normally deliver the translated files within 24 hours for less than 5 pages.

For a large volume, please contact us.

Purchases & Refunds

In such scenarios, it is better to check with the payment provider. If you get any error, please contact us at

On the order page, you will find a coupon box to input the coupon code. Remember the coupons come with validity in limited numbers.

In cases, where the course is canceled you will be refunded. The money will be transferred back to your account through which you made the payment.

Other services

Our resume writing service helps you to get several interviews calls with potential employers. We do not guarantee job offers. More interviews will improve your chances of getting a job offer.

We deal with all kinds of the subject and choose the right subject matter expert. Please check with us, prior to placing the order.

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