Spanish Beginner A1

Get a solid Spanish language foundational skills and develop a native-like accent to boost your global career opportunities.

The “Spanish Beginner A1 Course” is designed for students who are the beginners to learn the language and also for those who already know a bit of Spanish. This course helps you to learn at your own pace, and prepares you for the DELE A1/A2 certification (CEFR European language levels).

Class TypeTotal
Local TeacherNative TeacherClass sizeFrequency
Group120 hours
(6 months)
100 hours20 hours8 – 12 2.30 hrs on Sat & Sun
Individual24 hours (flexible)20 hours 4 hours1Flexible
  • The Indian teachers will help you from the DELE exam standpoint. To improve your spoken Spanish skills, the native Spanish teachers will interact with you on regular basis.
  • A neat approach is followed to establish the course, and the audio-video playback lets you grab the basics of Spanish language very easily.
  • You can build up your knowledge in Spanish language with the reputed global and local trainers.
  • The materials provided here will teach you Spanish words, phrases, characters, how to read, write, grammar, and much more in an interesting way.

Course Content

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Unit 1
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₹ 11,990

Course Includes

  • 15 Lessons
  • 81 Topics
  • 34 Tests