English Complete Grammar

A detailed and thorough English grammar course for all learners. This course will give you the ability to understand English better and the confidence to write English effectively.

The “Complete English Grammar Course” is designed for the students to help them increase their credibility to create a lasting impression especially in developing the effective written skills. This course helps you to build a reputation as a professional to improves your fluency in the English language.

  • Dedicated coaching with reputed corporate trainers, guides the students in developing essential skills for effective written communications.
  • We offer standard materials and highly personalized digital classes by making the session more interactive and interesting with a friendly approach.
  • Tasks and assignments are given on a daily or weekend basis to explore and encourage the students in developing their interest and skills towards the English language.
Class Type Total
Individual (1:1)
24 hours (12 weeks) 2 hrs/week
Group (3 students)
42 hours
(14 weeks)
3 hrs/week


  1. Why English Grammar?
  2. Nouns
  3. Verb
  4. Subject -Verb Agreements
  5. Tenses
  6. Pronouns
  7. Adjectives
  8. Adverb
  9. Preposition
  10. Conjunction
  11. Interjections
  12. List of Same Words used as Different Parts of Speech
  13. Degree of Comparison
  14. Articles
  15. Punctuation and Capitalization
  16. Question Tags
  17. The Sentence
  18. Transformation of sentences
  19. Analysis of Sentences
  20. Synthesis of Sentences
  21. Modal Auxiliary Verb
  22. Participle
  23. Gerund
  24. Parsing of Finite Verbs, Infinitives, Participles and Gerunds
  25. Active and Passive Voices
  26. Direct to Indirect Speech
  27. Mood
  28. Concord
  29. Idioms
  30. Figures of speech
  31. Homophones
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₹ 7,990

Course Includes

  • 31 Lessons
  • 106 Topics
  • 69 Tests