Brand Promotion – Selling with Stories

Would you like to know our brand promotion strategy? The answer is simple – Storytelling. Storytelling goes as far as being able to touch the audience’s mind with the use of visualization through mere words.

According to some studies, stories play an important role when it comes to shaping one’s behaviors through thoughts. Many believe that 70% of the information from the stories are retained in one’s brain, while only 10% of information is retained from data and statistics.

Applying Storytelling On Branding


You can articulate your brand’s personal story by elaborating the why behind your brand. You can talk about your passion, some history behind the making of your business, and even experiences that helped you build the brand overall.


This type of story talks about how your business is able to come up with solutions to the public through the use of your products. Additionally, you may talk more about stories about how you conceptualized your product and what the benefits are behind using them.


This story may talk about what your business does for its consumers. It’s about the ability to tell consumers what they can get from your brand and not the other way around. This may be viewed as self-centeredness and may be frowned upon by consumers. Additionally, this type of story should emphasize on how the brand is able to satisfy consumers’ wants and needs, so as to reel them in even more.

Brand Promotion to Resound With Your Target Audience

There are many choices as to how you could tell stories to your audience and potentially gain their trust and interest more. We understand how it may be slightly daunting to implement this. Which is why we offer brand promotion services that could help you deliver better stories to your audience. Zing specializes in creating attractive content that can surely resound with your target audience. We do this by firstly immersing ourselves in the customer’s buying journey. Then, craft the best type of content that can engage them at every stage of the buying process. At last, we make it a point to deliver quality marketing tools which our clients can use to further improve their image in their markets of choice.

Three Concepts of Brand Promotion


We understand that a consumer’s perceived value can highly affect their willingness to pay for a product. Due to this reason, we want to take good care of our clients’ brands. We make sure our clients are able to communicate their added value to their consumers as clearly as possible. Our goal is to enable long term relationships between you and your consumers.


Zing relies on cluster analysis to give importance to each of your consumers and as well as the products you offer to the market. By doing this, we are able to identify the faults and flaws in each consumer or product segment, so as to potentially create solutions and insights to face whatever challenges may arise given the negativities. This is usually done before doing an overall marketing strategy so as we can smoothly move forward before integrating anything else. Some examples are:

  • What medium/channels do customers use
  • Frequently used sources by customers
  • Customers knowledge about the industry


This is the concept of being able to deliver high-quality content in the industry. This is done in such a way that the content being created is detailed, relevant, innovative and essentially contribute to the industry that it is in question. Needless to say, this concept should highly integrate the audience as they do dictate who the eventual thought leaders are of the industry.


Neuro-Marketing strategy uses psychology as a way to tap into the subconscious minds of audiences. As a result, it eventually helps in generating more sales. The businesses are now facing a lot more challenges as new potential contenders enter the market. The neuro-marketing satisfies the companies’ need to have their brand stand out. The neuro-marketing enables them to lure and influence more customers to buy their products. However, consumers would not have any slightest clue about the tactic used on them. How do we do this? Many things go into using neuro-marketing as a strategy.  It can range from the usage of colors to shapes, font styles, audio and many more. You may easily use this to tap into the cognitive biases of your target market. Above all, influence your target audiences to purchase from your brand.